Why Johnny Depp Could Forgive Amber Heard’s Debt

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After finishing the judgment Come in Johnny Depp and Amber Heardthe corresponding authorities notified the actress that I should pay him 15 million dollars for the damages caused. However, her lawyers commented that she did not have enough money to pay the debt.

However the attorney of actorBenjamin Chew, left glimpse that depp could forgive the debt to Heard (or at least a percentage), since he only wanted to clean his image in court.

“Obviously we cannot disclose any attorney-client communication, but as Mr. Depp testified and as we made clear in our respective closings, it was never about money. He tried to restore his reputation and he has,” Chew said on Good Morning America.

How much money does Amber Heard have?

In case you are forced to pay, Heard would have to pay less than 9 million dollarssince local laws limit a certain amount to be paid for punitive damages, so the initial debt of 15 million would be reduced to 10.3, to which the 2 that Depp must pay are also added, leaving a total of 8.3 million as debt.

However, the fortune of the actress would go from two to eight million of Dollarsso it would be very bad standing in case of having to pay the amount imposed by the authorities after the end of the trial.

For now it is unknown what will happen with the debt reductionHowever, everything could be revealed in the next few days, if the lawyers of both continue to give statements about the case.

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