“Why play Diana? She wanted to see if she could climb to the top of the mountain” – PEOPLE Online

the perfect protagonist

“The confidence that Pablo had in my casting for the role is absurd”remember Kristen Stewart (31). “Without even talking to me or making me read anything, I knew I could do it”he adds, knowing the fact that, as was commented, Larrain I understood that she was the perfect person.

“It was an incredibly ambitious task. She didn’t want to be someone who would evade the challenge. She worked as an actress a long time ago and she wanted to see if she could climb to the top of the mountain, so to speak. I thought: `If ​​you don’t try to do that, why are you an actress?’says the interpreter born in Los Angeles, while admitting to having thoroughly investigated Diana Frances Spencereven undertaking a painstaking journey into his soul.

“When I came to understand her and built a relationship through everything I researched, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to love her”adds who trained with the coach William Conacher her character’s dialect, to perfect Lady Di’s accent.

“A fundamental part in the process of becoming her –feel–… I watched and listened to her a lot and I remember that certain things he said affected me and gave me goosebumps”adds the actress, who has 56 credits as a performer, since her debut in mutant birthday (1999), going through the panic room (2002), the five parts of the saga Twilight (from 2008 to 2012, where she played Bella Swan), Cafe Society (2016, by Woody Allen) and Charlie’s Angels (2019).

“She had an informal yet incredibly intense way of speaking that was calming and very engaging”round out the concept.

“I felt out of control in certain periods of my life and that is a determining factor in Diana’s… She must have been aware that people were always watching her. Since I lived through that, I really know what she experienced”

Kristen Stewart

A princess who did not want to be queen

It states Paul Larrain what to do jackie (2016; embodied by Natalie Portman about the wife of the american president John Kennedy) made him even more interested in discovering and revealing the intimate personalities of women who changed the face of the twentieth century. Both Diana and Jacqueline built their identity alone, not necessarily in relation to the men who were their husbands.. Although they did it in very different ways, they both understood how to use the media of their time to convey certain versions of themselves to the outside world.understands the talented Chilean.

And it goes on: “We all grew up understanding what a fairy tale is, but Diana forever changed the paradigm and certain idealized icons that popular culture creates: it is the story of a princess who did not decide to become queen. A fairy tale in reverse. His decision always surprised me. It must have been very difficult to take it. And that is the essence of the film. I wanted to explore his process oscillating between doubt and determination. Finally, she is committed to freedom not only for herself, but also for her children. Such a decision would define his legacy: one of honesty and humanity that, to this day, is unprecedented.”

Why did you decide on Kristen Stewart? The way he responded to the script and approached Lady Di is very nice to see. She created something that dazzles and intrigues at the same time. As a filmmaker, when you have someone who can sustain the dramatic and narrative weight with just their gaze, you have the person who will give you what you expect. her thing –concludes– It is without a doubt a force of nature.”

“A good relationship between the protagonist, the camera and myself was essential to build a character that everyone thinks they already know. Kristen is one of today’s great actresses. Today she is where she is because she has something relevant to the cinema: mystery. And she can be very fragile and very strong too, which is what we needed. The combination of those elements made me think of her.”

(Pablo Larrain, the director)

his metamorphosis

“I have never met someone with as many photographs as Diana. I could have continued to search endlessly and not have repeated a single reference.”trust Jacqueline Durranthe costume designer of spencer. The iconography of Lady Di’s style was one of the aspects that attracted the multi-award winning professional. From her first meeting, an image caught the attention of both Durran and Larraín: that of Diana in a black and white plaid skirt and a red turtleneck sweater while she dropped off her children at school. “It was our starting point for everything. It was a powerful style for a modern woman.”underlines.

“When I first saw Kristen in her outfit, I felt that it was more beautiful and wonderful than I expected.”adds Wakana Yoshiharathe film’s hair and makeup artist (because it was filmed on film, not digitally). “Soon I asked Jacqueline to start preparing her Oscar speech”understands the professional in charge of designing the wig that Kristen would wear.

Kristen herself worried that her performance might be affected by a poorly tailored one. “But Stewart points out. Wakana is so talented that the wig turned out perfect, even when it was looser or damper, which was essential as even Diana’s hairstyle became a symbol, finish happy. The image of him at the same time was accompanied in detail by the recreation of those jewels (necklaces, rings and others) that she used to wear.

“Twenty-five years after her death, it is incredible how the number of followers of the princess increased and increased, without any sign of abating. Even at the fashion level. She wore almost all colors. She avoided few. At the time, she was always a brighter version than the one around her.”

(Jacqueline Durran, ‘Spencer’ costume designer)

the beginning of the end

Anticipate the plot synthesis that the marriage of the princess and the prince has gone cold for a long time and that, despite rumors of affairs and a divorce, peace is declared for Christmas in Sandringham, vacation property of Queen Elizabeth II. They are the times before the car accident that took the life of the British on August 31, 1997at 36 years old.

Timothy Spall (Major Alistair Gregory), jack farting (Prince carlos), Sean Harris (Daren) and sally hawkins (Maggie) accompany Kristen, who was nominated for an Oscar for her work along with Penelope Cruz (parallel mothers), Olivia Coleman (the dark daughter), Nicole Kidman (Bjing The Ricardos) and Jessica Chastain (Tammy Faye’s eyes).

Written by Steven Knight and musicalized by Johnny Greenwood (guitarist of the influential band Radioheadwhich gave it two types of sounds: a more baroque one, which could be associated with the royal family, and a more playful jazz), spencer lasts 111 minutes, is produced by Complizen, Fable (of the brothers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín) and Shoebox Filmsin association with FilmNation Entertainment.

It was shot between January and March 2021 in the UK and Germany. In order to avoid media attention, two locations were chosen: Schlosshotel Kronberg, for most of the scenes taking place inside Sandringham, and Schloss Nordkirchen, for exteriors and some remaining interior shots.

“From the moment the film begins, people’s expectations of a feature film based on a topic as salacious as Diana’s decision to leave the royal family come into play. It is a story of survival. She is a woman who begins to drown, reaches the shore and manages to take a first breath of air. When it ends, you will know nothing more about her as a woman. The film suffers an incredible loss when it ends.

(Kristen Stewart)

Photos: Courtesy of Pablo Larraín and Frederic Batier, and Grupo Atlántida Archive

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