Why Ray J Stopped “Sleeping” With Kim Kardashian

Ray J speaks out against Kim Kardashian and claims he quitto sleep” with The Kardashians star after stealing from his family. The singer seeks revenge after Kim resurfaced her infamous sex tape on her new Hulu show. But Ray J has accused Kim and Kris Jenner of portraying a false narrative around the tape for nearly two decades. Amid Ray J speaking out against Kim and Kris, the singer dwells on his former relationship drama with Kim and his shady behavior against his family that allegedly led to their breakup.

Kim and Kris have yet to respond to Ray J’s recent tell-all interview accusing them of making the deal for the 2007 sex tape. Ray J has finally come clean and revealed Kim and Kris’ alleged involvement. in crafting the deal that earned them millions for a tape Kim claimed was leaked. The singer revealed the DMs of a private message confronting Kim over the latest claims she made on her show. Ray J claims Kim was always in possession of the tapes and lied to her family about her alleged involvement. Ray claims the recent storyline of Kanye presenting Kim with a laptop containing the remaining footage was a lie as she had the footage the entire time without Kanye knowing.

Ray J also explained the reason he ended his relationship with Kim after his mother, Sonja Norwood, sued Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian for spending over $120,000 on his American Express card in 2006 and 2007.”Other than them stealing my family’s money, we’d probably still be together now“said Ray Daily mail. “But when it happened, I said I didn’t want to sleep with you anymore – you stole money from my family. That’s why we stopped talking.Ray J was referring to a 2008 lawsuit filed by his mother and sister Brandy against Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr. accusing them of losing control at his expense.

The allegations date back to when Kim worked as Brandy’s stylist in 2004 and was allowed to make a purchase with the credit card. However, Norwood alleges that Kim passed the card to her siblings and allowed them to make purchases at clothing stores owned by Kardashian, Dash and Smooch for a total of $120,636. The lawsuit was settled out of court and has never been discussed since. But Ray J is finally streaming his ex and his family while defending his name. Ironically, Kim and Kris have yet to respond to her claims or ask their teams to release statements.

The famous family may be hoping the talk of the interview fades away. The Kardashians are still airing weekly and any press around the show is good press. This isn’t the first time the KarJenners have been called out for sleazy behavior. But they continue to grow in fame and fortune. It may not be necessary to respond to Ray J for fear of giving credence to his claims.

Source: Daily Mail

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