Why shouldn’t you leave the rake in the shower?

Why shouldn't you leave the rake in the shower?
You may get infection. Photo: Getty Images

Are you one of those people who quit? rake in water container, Be careful of this habit, because this habit can affect your health.

  • Do you want to know what happens when you leave this hygiene device in the bathroom? On Unotv.com we are going to tell you.
Why shouldn't you leave the rake in the shower?
Photo: Getty Images

There are two main reasons why you should not skip it rake in water container,

  1. Moisture can cause razors to rust, making them less effective and more likely to cut.
  2. It can be contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms because the bathroom is a moist and warm place, which is ideal for the growth of agents that can harm your health.

The most common conditions caused by this habit are

  • fungal infection
  • Bacterial infection, which can be mild or severe, and can cause a variety of symptoms such as pain, redness, swelling, and discharge
  • Viral infection, which can be mild or severe and cause symptoms such as fever, malaise, pain and rashes

How do I protect my health from these risks?

Now that you know you shouldn’t go rake in water containerWe have some tips for you that will allow you to use it safely next time:

  1. Wash it thoroughly after use to ensure that there are no traces of hair, soap or shaving foam left on it.
  2. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  3. Dry it thoroughly after use
  4. Look for an airtight container to protect it from moisture and bacteria.
  5. Replace blades regularly, even if they are rusted or damaged

Do you know another common habit that can be dangerous to your health? Let us know if you want us to discuss more topics related to these practices.

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