Why spending time away from Ben Affleck at Fashion Week is reportedly like a ‘breath of fresh air’ for Jennifer Lopez?

As long as there have been famous people, there have been famous couples. There’s something about seeing a pair of A-listers that captivates the masses, and there’s probably no better example than this. Jennifer Lopez And ben affleck, The pair have made countless headlines since reuniting and getting married, including plenty of rumors about the inner workings of their relationship. But they’ve also been spending some time away from each other, and there’s a big reason why spending time away from Affleck at Fashion Week has reportedly been a “breath of fresh air” for JLo. Let’s break it all down.

The public is criticizing every step Since JLo and Affleck’s wedding In Las Vegas. Affleck goes viral for looking sad at the Grammysand there were also Lip readers are trying to figure out what JLo and Affleck were saying each other. But the “Let’s Get Loud” singer attended New York Fashion Week alone with an alleged insider heatworld Regarding this temporary time, saying:

Jane has stopped pretending to be needy and has started enjoying the space she has recently found. It opened her eyes to how much fun she could have without Ben – especially since he could be so awkward at these events. She’ll soon be spending time with him, but meeting her family and fashion friends on the East Coast is a breath of fresh air.

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