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Any time is a good time to rest and stretch your muscles.  GETTY IMAGES.
Any time is a good time to rest and stretch your muscles. GETTY IMAGES.

Stretching is normally associated with warming up prior to physical activity. However, exercises to stretch and promote muscle flexibility can have benefits on their own, because in addition to reducing anxiety levels, they prevent contractures or overloads.

An example is stretching that helps relax your arms, legs or back after long hours sitting in an office or using a computer. In fact, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle is causing many people to force themselves to get up from time to time and do exercises that stretch the muscles and reduce the feeling of stress. Physiotherapists recommend, before creating this routine, practicing the exercises with a professional to strengthen them and execute them correctly. The benefits of doing them daily or several days a week —they explain— go through reducing fatigue, pain and excess tension. In addition, contractures can be avoided and body posture can be improved.

On YouTube or social networks like Instagram you can find numerous routines and profiles that propose stretching to relax different parts of the body. The good thing is that hardly any equipment is needed, since most exercises can be done easily and in a short time. This is a selection of some tools that can improve the experience of making them at home:

Set three latex elastic bands

These are three resistance bands suitable for all levels and types of physical conditions that offer the possibility of multiple uses. They are suitable for home stretching of the back, shoulders, arms or legs and the practice of yoga, pilates or crossfit. They are made of a very durable latex material and are very light, making it easy to take them anywhere.

High density non-slip mat

The mat is one of the best allies for stretching, since it allows endless exercises to improve the elasticity of the legs, shoulders or back. This mat, which can be purchased on Amazon in various colors, guarantees great comfort, since it is made of high-density foam and has an adequate thickness to properly cushion the weight of the body. It is light and portable and includes a strap to carry it comfortably.

stretch strap

Improving mobility and flexibility is the objective of this multi-grip runner, suitable for stretching, rehabilitation exercises or different sports practices. It adapts to different intensity levels, is 208 centimeters long and includes 12 shoe-sized loops for comfortable foot placement. It is also accompanied by a mesh bag to transport it.

lumbar stretching device

It is a solution to try to correct postural imbalances and improve muscle flexibility in the back area. It is made of high quality ABS material so it is resistant to weight and the passage of time. It is also suitable for relieving pain and stress thanks to the ergonomic posture achieved when using it.

Foam roller for muscle massage

Designed to support muscle recovery and injury prevention, this foam roller is a great option to add to an exercise routine that can be done comfortably at home. It has a grid design to gently massage the area and improve back pain, and includes an exercise book. It can be purchased in eight different colors.

Chiropractic pillow to relax and stretch the neck

A very simple and easy-to-use solution that helps restore proper cervical curvature. It is made of a dense and soft foam, and it is enough to use it for a few minutes a day to gradually improve the stiffness in the neck area. It is a device that exceeds 27,000 reviews on Amazon and reaches an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

Exercise ball, various sizes

Made of a professional quality PVC material, this ball is capable of supporting different types of exercises and weights without deforming. It is suitable for practicing yoga, pilates, stretching or sitting on it to improve posture. It is accompanied by a pump to inflate it, since it is sold deflated.

yoga wheel

“I bought it to stretch my back and gain more elasticity in my arching and I am very happy”, indicates this user who has reviewed the product on Amazon. It is a wheel, commonly used in yoga sessions, to improve flexibility and resistance in the back, shoulders or legs. A very useful tool, available in various colours, which has a size of 32 x 13 centimeters and is covered with an eight millimeter thick pad.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of October 4, 2022.

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