Why thousands of fans are signing a petition to remove Mia Khalifa videos from the Internet


The former hard actress left the world of pornography a few months after entering it, at the age of 21. Today he would just like to leave that parenthesis behind, but for production companies the videos in which he appears as the protagonist are worth too much. The petition calls for its distribution to be stopped.

Mia Khalifa she is one of the hard actresses who have brought most income to the world of pornography in relation to the number of films in which she has appeared. The twenty-seven-year-old Lebanese naturalized American has been out of the adult film circuit for years in which she was involved for only a few months at the age of 21, and is trying to leave her past behind without succeeding: her videos are in fact worth too much and the houses that hold the rights continue to promote them as if they were new. To help her on her journey, hundreds of thousands of fans are signing an online petition asking to give the young woman the chance to buy the rights to her films for stop its deployment.


The petition started on by a fan of the former hard actress and in a few days has collected more than 1 million and 600,000 signatures. The twenty-seven-year-old, moreover, has always been very clear about the desire to leave the world of pornography behind forever, and has long accused particular sectors of the industry of systematically exploiting actresses with harassing contracts, abuse and intimidation in an environment repeatedly defined as “toxic”.

Mia Khalifa herself has starred in less than a dozen videos, but in addition to barely yielding her $ 12,000, she has earned death threats from ISIS and attention from the public that shows no sign of diminishing. Today her name remains constantly among the most sought after on free sharing sites such as Pornhub, and the views of her videos combined with the purchase of productions that see her as the protagonist they still yield a lot to the houses who hold the rights as Bangbros. This last house in particular – accuses the former actress – continues to endanger her “by promoting videos 6 years old as if they were new, billing millions in making the public believe that I am still in business”.

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Bangbros, for his part, responded by accusing Mia Khalifa of defamation, and by telling her through her lawyers to end her public statements. In the meantime, the videos about her stay online, as well as the internet sites linked to the name of Mia Khalifa where users can still go today, in which it is not specified that the former actress no longer practices the profession.


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