Why was Andrea Valdiri compared to Angelina Jolie?

It is normal for Andrea Valdiri to surprise her 8.4 million followers with the content she publishes daily, sometimes about her projects and sometimes about her family life. In most cases, she ends up becoming a trend.

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The dancer told, a few days ago, that she would surprise the Barranquilla parents to celebrate Father’s Day. According to her she said, at an event she plans to give out a lot of gifts. However, and although she did not give many details, she did clarify that she would not be alone and that, on the contrary, she would have the support of a famous actress, whose name she did not reveal. “I invited a very special actress, Colombian, and I told her about what I wanted to do on Father’s Day and they don’t know how nice it is to see women who really join this cause. I don’t want you to miss it, Sunday will be full of surprises, super beautiful “. Apparently, it is an actress who participated in the series Hunch from Netflix.

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Andrea Valdiri was compared to Angelina Jolie

That was not the only detail that caught the attention of Internet users. One of them compared her to Angelina Jolie because of the clothes she wore on her. ‘La Valdiri’ was in charge of reposting on her Instagram the image created by the user where the Hollywood actress is observed when she played Lara Croft in tomb Raider and next to it appears Andrea, who coincidentally had similar clothes.

The Barranquilla dancer, wife of Felipe Saruma, reacted to the curious comparison.

The Barranquilla dancer, wife of Felipe Saruma, reacted to the curious comparison.

Photo: Instagram

It is not the first time that Andrea Valdiri, wife of Felipe Saruma, has been compared to Angelina Jolie. On another occasion, several years ago, the content generator published some photos imitating some poses of Brad Pitt’s ex, with a very similar outfit.

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