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Colombia did not participate in a vote on Nicaragua at the OAS Permanent Council in Washington.

Colombia did not participate in a vote on Nicaragua at the OAS Permanent Council in Washington.

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On the morning of Friday, August 12, a resolution was voted in the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) to condemn the violations of human rights in Nicaragua, and in particular, the aggressions of the Daniel Ortega regime against the church Catholic, the press and NGOs.

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27 member states voted in favour; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, against; Mexico, Bolivia, El Salvador and Honduras abstained and Nicaragua, like Colombia, were absent.

“Colombia’s position regarding the situation in Nicaragua, by refraining from condemning the aberrant and systematic violation of human rights by the Ortega government, is a great shame. Not like that,” tweeted former presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo on August 14.

And he wasn’t the only one to express bewilderment. Hundreds joined the message on social networks.

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This until Luis Ernesto Vargas, designated ambassador to the OAS, responded to an outraged user who complained not only to him, but also to Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva and Vice Foreign Minister Laura Gil: “Someone began to blame us as officials without even let’s be We have not been named, much less have we presented documents for possession, but they are already accusing us of omissions. Have the decency to investigate. And, I was a Race Judge: I only decided based on evidence!”.

This would mean that Colombia did not vote in the OAS because the new ambassador to the organization has not yet been formally sworn in.

To date (08/16/2022) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not announced when the new officials of that portfolio will take office.

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On August 11, President Gustavo Petro announced via Twitter that the new Colombian ambassador to Nicaragua would be former congressman León Freddy Muñoz, who has no diplomatic experience but supported Petro’s presidential campaign and is currently facing drug trafficking charges before the Supreme Court of Justice.

The last formal interaction between Colombia and Nicaragua was in February 2022, when then-ambassador Alfredo Rangel was recalled after President Daniel Ortega referred to Colombia as a “narco-state.”

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