Why was Cruz Azul vs. Querétaro not played on matchday 4? Halftime

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Many fans of Blue Cross They missed watching their team play in this day 4 and although the team did not lose pace because they played a friendly duel on Friday, the sky-blue fans have wondered why there was no match for their club.

Why doesn’t Cruz Azul play this day?

The fact is that the party of blue cross vs. Roosteryes of Querétaro in this Matchday 4 postponed until march by a request from the Queretaro team, which asked Liga MX and the cement board that the party be would travel a month to be able play it with public.

The objective of Queretaro is to be able to have a party of high call with fans in the stands and thus be able to generate a significant income that helps them in the club’s finances, which have been diminished as a result of the punishment of Liga MX and the Mexican Soccer Federation for the violent events of March 5, 2022.

It should be remembered that after that episode of violencethe punishment against Gallos consisted of playing door closed during a yearsituation that hit a lot in the finance that they have not had the income that is generated with the fans in each match.

When does Cruz Azul vs Querétaro play?

The Cruz Azul board of directors accepted and communicated it to Liga MX, which rescheduled the duel for him 29 of marcheither at the La Corregidora Stadium at 9:05 p.m.. For now, the celestials played against Atlante in a friendly duel that ended in a draw, including a brace from Iván Morales.

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