Why wasn’t Julián Araujo’s pass completed?

BARCELONA — Several of the parties involved in the transfer of Julián Araujo from LA Galaxy to Barcelona are beginning to admit that it will be difficult for the operation to get the go-ahead from FIFA, according to several sources confirmed to ESPN.

Barça and the MLS club reached an agreement on the last day of the transfer market for Araujo to continue his career in the Catalan club’s subsidiary team for around 4 million euros. However, several sources confirm to ESPN that the documentation did not reach FIFA’s Transfer Management System (ITMS) on time.

Barça, the Los Angeles Galaxy and the footballer’s agents are still trying to find a solution but several sources acknowledge to ESPN that the precedents suggest that Araujo will not finally sign for the Catalan club.

Another source from the Catalan club assured ESPN that they were “technical problems that can be tested” and they are waiting for FIFA to provide a solution.

The regulation in this case is clear and cases such as the unsuccessful transfer of David De Gea from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2015 or other less media coverage such as that of Javito from Aris de Thessaloniki to Deportivo de la Coruña in 2010 are remembered.

Sources remind ESPN that on some occasions the clubs even went to the TAS (Tribunal de Arbitraje Deportivo) to appeal FIFA’s decision but no case is remembered in which the teams were winners.

In fact, on Tuesday Chelsea also reached an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain for the loan of Hakim Ziyech but the operation has not been approved because the documentation arrived after the deadline.

Araujo, 21, was going to sign for the Barça subsidiary, led by the Mexican Rafael Márquez, but the club’s idea was actually for him to play in the first team to cover the departure of Héctor Bellerín to Sporting Club.

Barça had also considered the signing of Wesley, a young Flamengo right-back, but on the last day of the market they went for Araujo due to the high demands of the Brazilian club.

Initially, Barça and LA Galaxy reached a transfer agreement plus a purchase option set at 7 million euros by Araujo. However, a source close to the negotiations informs ESPN that the agreement was delayed because at the last minute they decided to change the structure” of the agreement.

In lieu of a loan, Barca agreed to acquire 50% of Araujo’s rights for €2m, with the option to buy another 40% for €2m later, leaving the Galaxy with 10%.

However, there was also a clause that allowed Barça to terminate the agreement at the end of the season so, in practice, it was almost a loan.

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