Why were Megan Fox and her boyfriend attacked at a California fair?

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox at the California Fair in Orange County He was interrogated by two persons. TMZ media outlet released a video that appears to show an altercation between the couple and a group of visitors.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly: What Happened?

While taking an ordinary couple for a walk in California, two men stopped the lovers. The two were dropping a charm when everything went wrong. In an audio-visual document broadcast by TMZ, the young man is seen The machine gun approaches two subjects and kills one of them with a slapshot.

One of the couple’s bodyguards rushed to the aid of his pupil, but Because of the violence of the events, Megan Fox could not avoid the blow she took against the barrier.

version of the person responsible for this unfortunate incident

A few hours later, the hero of the incident gave his version of events to TMZ. He declared that his younger brother idolized Megan Fox and when he was excited he would shout at her: “But how beautiful!”, A compliment that didn’t take well by Machine Gun Kelly. At that moment pushing has degenerated.

Much to his dismay, the young man explained that it was only a compliment, with no intention of causing offense. He said that he had sought the help of a lawyer to act on the attack.

Megan and Gun Kelly breaking up soon?

Many fans of the couple believed that they had split, but yesterday they proved the opposite. The couple faced difficult ups and downs in their relationship, even going so far as to consult a therapist. The lovers were engaged in January 2022 and the wedding was planned for October 2023.

However, the ceremony has been delayed to 2024. According to various media outlets, the singer may have been unfaithful to the actress on several occasions. Megan Fox posted a quote from Beyoncé on her Instagram account:

“You can taste your lies, it has soaked your breath”


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