Why will José Juan Macías not play against León either?

The Mexican striker continues to work to get fit physically as soon as possible.

Reasons why JJ Macías is not ready
© jam mediaReasons why JJ Macías is not ready

As much as the medical body of the Club Guadalajara has sought for José Juan Macías to recover his best physical shape as soon as possible so that it debuts in the Closing Tournament 2022, It is a reality that the appearance of the gunner is not contemplated for the meeting this Saturday, February 19, when they are measured at León within Day 6 of Liga MX.

Last Wednesday here at Rebaño Pasión we informed you that the Mexican scorer He is still far from the competitive physical level to put him to play in a high-impact match such as the visit to Guanajuato, for this reason the helmsman Marcelo Leaño it is not considered for the trip this Friday morning.

Chivas will play much of the credibility in Leaño’s project when they face the runner-up of the MX League, because the emeralds will not be an easy rival and given the bad image they left against Tigres the previous Saturday, it is urgent that they obtain a good result to continue adding in the campaign, another powerful reason not to exhibit JJ Macías.

What injury does JJ Macías have?

José Juan Macías arrived a little over a week ago at the Perla Tapatia to put himself under the orders of the medical and technical staff, but it was determined that he had to carry out differentiated work to know the scope of the muscular problems that he presented for several weeks during his time at the Getafe from Spain where he barely played eight games in six months, but it is a fact that he has not managed to fully recover.

Just one of the reasons why Macías did not have the activity he wanted, it was due to some injuries that prevented him from being taken into account in the strategist process Quique Sanchez Floreswho gave him very little participation since he arrived to the Azulón team to replace Michel González.

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