Why will Kamala have powers other than the comic in the Marvel series? the creator of it explains

After the end of Moon Knight and the acclaimed performance of Oscar Isaac, Marvel Studios does not sit idly by and continues to work to pave the way for what will be his second series of 2022, Ms Marvel. The series featuring the beloved kamala khan (Iman Vellani) brings some changes, especially in the powers of the heroine. One of the co-creators of the comic book character spoke about these modifications.

With the arrival of the first trailer for Ms. Marvel came the first details of the plot of the series. Kamala is known to be a huge fan of the Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), this makes her classmates laugh. By chance of fate, Kamala apparently found a bracelet with cosmic abilities that will give you incredible powers. Unlike the comic, this version of Ms. Marvel is not polymorphic, it can stretch its members or increase its size but by projection. This also serves to know that the character was not a victim of the mutation when exposed to Terrigen Mist of the Inhumans.


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