Why would a couple want to test themselves and gauge the foundation of the relationship?

A new edition of The Island of Temptations. It is the sixth, and again it seems that it will be a success. Five stable couples have decided to put themselves to the test by moving to two large villas together with single men and women. Initially, the objective is to show that the foundations of the couple are solid and that temptations are not enough to break it.

The theory of this type of test, which does not need to be as it happens on TV, is that, if they are successfully passed, the couple will come out much stronger. This approach is all very well, but the practice is far from what one expects.

It is not necessary when a relationship is healthy

When someone tests their partner, whatever the test, they expect an appropriate response. Essentially, he believes that his partner should act like the test giver would. However, each person is unique, with unique values ​​and interests, so his answer is too. So there are very high chances that this test ends up being a failure and a complete disappointment – is what happens in The Island of Temptations in the vast majority of cases -.

The misunderstood love He is the one behind this type of program, as well as numerous situations in which millions of couples are seen around the world.

Many people test their partners to see if the relationship will last, if they are on the right track, or if they are made for each other. There are many ways to do this: withholding information to see if the other party is interested, making up stories to provoke jealousy, playing the vacuum to provoke a reaction, purposely starting fights over things that don’t matter, or getting too close to someone in the group. opposite sex.

This It shouldn’t happen in a healthy relationship., in which both parties understand each other and have fluid communication. Instead, it usually happens in pairs in which jealousy and insecurity reign. And while the simple thing would be to talk and share these feelings honestly, it is preferable to remain silent and find other ways to expose doubts and fears – In the couples that go to the program, deficiencies of all kinds can be appreciated, but above all, a great lack of communication -.

Another of the main reasons why someone would want to test their partner is precisely because knows that the relationship is doomed and there is no way to fix it. However, instead of acknowledging the end and taking the blame, he he prefers to send the little love that remains to the slaughterhouse. In these cases, test failure is used as the excuse to end the relationshipinstead of assuming and facing the real reason why the couple has not been able to survive.

What should be done in these cases?

test the couple It will only bring displeasure or the end of the relationship. If at any time you have the desire to do it, stop and think about what you want to achieve with it: know if you are still compatible? how much does he love you? what level of commitment do you have?

Surely you are looking for some kind of answer. So instead of trying to find it by testing, try to find it by opening up. Going face to face will always be a much healthier and more grateful option. After all, the other party will also prefer a conversation, even if it is awkward, to a test.

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