Why would casting Abby in The Last of Us season 2 be so controversial?


  • the last of us Season 2 is entering the early stages of production in 2024, but fans are desperate to know who will replace Laura Bailey and who will take over the role of Abby.
  • Abby, a character The Last of Us: Part IIMany fans are disappointed with his role in the game.
  • Abby’s voice actress Laura Bailey received death threats from fans who were enraged by Abby’s actions, highlighting the potential risks of having a live-action actress play the role.

were expecting the last of us Season 2 will enter the early stages of production in 2024, but as the search for the perfect Abby Anderson continues, fans are growing restless as to who Laura Bailey will hand over the reins to. As anyone who has played this game or hasn’t been living under a rock for the past few years will know, AB hasn’t won popularity contests among fans. As a character who debuted as the vengeful counterpart to Ellie Williams, Abby built a reputation as not only Ellie’s mortal enemy but also as a textbook villain to the community.

Almost four years later here we are The Last of Us: Part II Released on PlayStation 4, we can’t wait to see who can take Laura Bailey’s place and bring Abby to the small screen opposite Bella Ramsey’s Ellie and Pedro Pascal’s Joel. But there’s a small issue surrounding Abby’s ongoing casting call, which will lead to inevitable controversy in light of the impending announcement.

Because of the brutal relationship with Abby the last of us Given the backlash from fans, as well as Bailey facing years ago, we can only prepare ourselves for what’s to come, but exactly why is Abby’s casting so controversial? Many of you already know well, but let us remember again when we wait for the calm before the storm.

Warning: spoilers The Last of Us: Part II and hbo the last of us To follow.

The Last of Us fans generally hate Abby

As has been mentioned several times, the ratio of the last of us The number of fans who like AB is much smaller than those who despise her. Why is it like this? Well, whoever played Part II The logic behind fan hatred will be familiar. Soon in the sequel, we learn that Abby Anderson is on a relentless mission to track down and punish Joel Miller, though we don’t find out why until much later. After a close encounter with a group of infected people, Joel saves Abby’s skin, but she is not so quick to express her gratitude when he introduces himself.

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It’s not long before Abby gathers her squad of goons to take Joel and his brother, Tommy, hostage. This prompts Ellie to investigate his disappearance and eventually trace him to the hideout of Abby’s crew. There, she is ambushed and restrained, forced to watch helplessly as Abby brutally beats Joel to death with a golf club.

It should be mentioned that the last of us Fans love Joel, so Abby commits the ultimate sin by essentially murdering him. We soon learn that Joel murdered Abby’s father while getting Ellie out of the hospital in the first game, giving Abby a motive. But do you think that important detail made any difference to fans’ hatred towards Abby? Absolutely not.

Abby’s voice actress received death threats

In the summer of 2020, more gamers got their hands on a copy The Last of Us: Part II, Naughty Dog was enjoying the benefits, while Abby’s voice actress Laura Bailey had to bear the brunt of vicious cyberbullying. Although Bailey had no knowledge of Abby’s story or her ultimate decision to kill Joel, the last of us Fans were so angry and motivated by their love for Joel’s character that they took things to extremes. On a daily basis, Laura Bailey reported receiving death threats with the shocking departure of Troy Baker’s Joel Miller. And she wasn’t alone either. The game’s creator, Neil Druckmann, also received his fair share of hateful messages.

One Twitter (X) user said, “I’m going to find out where you live and kill you for what you did to Joel.” It is unacceptable to threaten an actress for the actions of a fictional character, but even glass houses did not stop the community from throwing stones. Several messages sent to Bailey indicated that he Was Abby, not just an actress playing a role. Since Abby was a fictional character and the community couldn’t stand her, they turned to the next best thing in Bailey.

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His live-action actress may also meet the same fate

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Knowing what we know about Laura Bailey’s experience, it is natural to assume that history may repeat itself. Although the last of us Season 2 will simply repeat scenes from the game, and with many fans knowing Joel’s fate by now, reopening old wounds could be a risky move. Four years later, fans are still struggling with the loss of Joel, especially as Naughty Dog kicks around the idea of ​​another sequel. Whoever steps up to play Abby in HBO’s adaptation should definitely prepare themselves for any situation and maybe even take a social media detox before a certain episode airs.

It seems that HBO is currently eyeing several actresses for the role. Reports suggest Florence Pugh and Kaitlyn Dever are eloping, while Community is begging for star Shannon Berry. Wild, whose physical resemblance to Abby is uncanny. Whoever HBO settles on, let’s hope they don’t have to suffer the same fate as Laura Bailey.

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