Will Amber Heard suffer from cancel culture?

As half the world already knows, Johnny Depp He emerged victorious from the trial that confronted his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation. The actor won, this is true, but not entirely, since the jury found that both were guilty of having defamed each other.

For this reason, the actor will have to pay his ex two million dollars (almost two million euros) for publicly slandering her, while the actress must pay 15 million dollars (just over 14 million euros).

this is when The real problems begin for Amber Heardand not only because of the money she has to pay her ex or because she is “desolate”, but because Cancellation culture could come over you and you could be out of a job. the rest of his life, or at least for a long time.

When the culture of cancellation is primed against the actors

The cancel culture It is a practice that involves silence anyone who violates the values that the consensus of politically correct, accepted or wanted pose in society.

This practice emerged in 2010 with Twitterbut it has been spreading to all sections of society, baiting in recent years with the world of art and entertainment.

When a famous person is involved in a scandal -be it true or not-, he must not only confront him, but he must also placate the legions of haters who harass you and you have to see how your future work becomes uncertainbecause companies refuse to work with someone whom (almost) everyone seems to hate.

Kevin Spacey charged in the UK with sexual assault on three men.  gtres
Kevin Spacey. gtres

Placido Domingo, Kevin Spacey, Johnny Depp…

This is exactly what happened in 2019 to Placido Domingo after complaints of sexual assault; what also happened in 2017 to kevin spaceywho spent three years out of work after being accused of multiple sexual abuse; in 2018 to Woody Allen, branded as reprehensible conduct; or even to Johnny Depp in 2018 for his trial against Amber Heard.

As for Placido Domingo, Kevin Spacey and Woody Allen, they returned to work a couple of years later. In the case of Johnny Deppremains to be seen.

The labor consequences that Depp lived after the accusations of mistreatment by Amber Heard were serious: Warner asked him to give up participating in the following installments of the Harry Potter prequel, fantastic animalsY Disney announced that it would not have him for the sequels of Pirates of the Caribbeandespite the fact that his character, Jack Sparrow, is the star of the saga, among others.

Now, after emerging victorious from the trial, likely to return to workwell, the culture of cancellation will no longer weigh on him, butwhat will happen to amber heard?

Johnny Depp, after winning the trial against Amber Heard:
Johnny Depp, after winning the trial against Amber Heard: “They have given me my life back.” | gtres

Will Amber Heard also be ‘canceled’ after filing against her ex?

Although, in recent years, men have been the main victims of cancel culture –especially after ‘Me Too’–, there have also been women, although to a lesser extent. We have an example in jodie eatfrom the series killing evewhich was canceled because it was rumored that it was ssiding with a Trump voter.

In the case of Amber Heardeverything seems to indicate that, at the moment, will not be ‘cancelled’ by the industry. But, nevertheless, everything remains to be seen, since his public image has been greatly damaged after losing the trial. Although he has announced that he will appeal the sentence, In the eyes of Justice, she has been the liar, but in the eyes of society? Victim or executioner?

As we said, it is early to venture, becauseCancel culture tends to target men. At the moment, Heard has films already shot, such as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomwhich will be released in 2023. That year, the actress will also be on the big screen in the Italian production In The Fire.

As for the projects that had already been approved before the trial, he is Run Away with Me, a film, still in the pre-production phase and of whose cast only Heard’s name is known, based on the criminal underworld of the european fashion industry. We’ll see what ends up happening.

Johnny Depp's emotional message to those who have supported him against his ex

You have a lot of expenses (but a large net worth)

If she loses her job, Amber Heard will have to cut costs, because, according to the documents presented by the actress’s lawyers at the trial, she spends an average of $30,000 a month just to live:

  • $120,000 a year for rent.
  • 60,000 annually in trips and vacations.
  • $7,000 a month in clothes, gifts and cultural leisure.
  • 3,000 monthly for aesthetic care.
  • $2,000 a month in supermarkets and restaurants.

And all this without counting the expenses of your baby, Oonagh Paige, born through a surrogate womb. Some high expenses that do not correspond to the income, because Amber Heard affirms who charges only $10,000 a month.

Despite this, it is estimated that his fortune ranges between 2 and 8 million dollars (about seven and a half million euros at most). Therefore, you could afford not to work for a while.

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