will be Jack Sparrow again thanks to the fans

Maybe Johnny Depp doesn’t want to go back to Disney to do pirates of the caribbean 6but he is certainly ready to become the Captain Jack Sparrow to make fan dreams come true.

It had long been known that the company had broken off the relationship with the actor due to the accusations against him that pointed to him as a “wife violator”. This led him to be left out of the future projects of the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Throughout the trials in which he faced his ex-wife Amber Heard, fans dedicated themselves to creating petitions for Disney to apologize and rehire him. However, when he finally emerged victorious, he himself said that not even for $300 million would he do it.

Even so, it seems that the affection for the character continues, so much so that he is willing to continue transforming himself into it.

Johnny Depp surprises again as Captain Jack Sparrow

It was through a recent Ven’s Den video that went viral that Depp revived the line from the first Ven’s Den film. Pirates of the Caribbean in which he and Keira Knightley interact.

Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley had one of the most memorable scenes in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga

In the scene, the two are stranded on a desert island and while Captain Jack Sparrow decides to get drunk, Elizabeth Swann is devising a plan to get out of there: burn all the rum. The line has become iconic since the tape was released in 2002.

Although Keira was not present and the actor was not in costume, he said the phrase “why did you run out of rum?” in full Sparrow’s accent.

Of course the fans did not miss the opportunity to express their support for Johnny and their excitement to hear that he has not lost his spark. “Captain Jack Sparrow always has his priorities straight.” “He’s gone because you drank it all!” “Why is everything about him so sexy… his voice… his gestures.” “My captain Jack Sparrow, how sweet and adorable simplicity.” “He is a totally intelligent man in all aspects of art.” “How I love your voice Johnny. That accent you gave Captain Jack is everything.” “Disney missed out on having a great. Pirates will never be the same without Johnny and the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow,” the post reads.

The revival of Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp He has not stopped being targeted after years of trials with Amber Heard to prove his innocence after being singled out for violating her. In April, the jury finally appealed in his favor, helping the actor get his career back on track.

At the end of August, Depp had a special participation during the MTV Video Music Awards and it is that although he was not physically present, his face was projected on the body of an astronaut who floated on stage. The actor made references to his unemployed status and joked that he “needed a job.”

“I just want you to know that I’m available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, wakes… anything you need, whatever,” he said. “Oh, I’m also a dentist.”

Your participation divided opinions between those who showed their conditional support and those who allege that they should not give him so much space because although he won the trials, he was not declared innocent.

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