Will Billie Eilish collaborate with League of Legends?


On the twitter page of Riot Music A small teaser, perhaps more similar to a meme, of a collaboration between LoL and Billie Eilish. The famous singer was juxtaposed to Vex, perhaps due to the mood that unites the sample and the production of the Eilish.

At the moment there is nothing official, mind you, but the fans immediately went into raptures. There are those who even theorize the presence of Vex in a new band, with Billie to lend her voice. These are speculations, undoubtedly, but it would be a more than apt choice.

Usually Riot he never does random things, especially on social media, even if for now we have to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground.

Billie Eilish and League Of Legends

The same mood

If you know the discography and personality of Billie Eilish, you can understand for yourself how easily this can be compared to that of Vex. Both seem perpetually depressed, seeming to be looking for negative emotions to tell or sing (in the case of Eilish).

Self Riot really wanted to insert Vex in a future band, doing it with the voice of the American singer would be a more than appropriate choice. Their themes fit together too well, and it would also make a lot of fans around the world happy.

It is clear that such a collaboration would be a huge sounding board for League of Legends, since Billie Eilish boasts millions and millions of fans around the world. Many would be interested in the game only thanks to her, bringing a lot of money into the coffers of Riot.

We hope to have more information on this in some time, and maybe we could expect something special for the final of Worlds 2021. Making speculations like this is nice, but you must still not fly too high with your imagination, to avoid being disappointed in case these do not find confirmation in reality.


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