Will Cardi B Have a Big Role at SummerSlam?

Cardi B will be part of the SummerSlam PPV . WWE will indeed use his song ” Up” as the theme song for the event, but the music star could play a much more important role.

After the rumors of her possible role as a presenter, Stephanie McMahon may already know of any surprises regarding the rapper, leaking something from a recent interview, and the site Wrestle Votes has confirmed these rumors.


Wrestle Votes, a well-known Pro-Wrestling news site, has announced on their Twitter account that the famous singer will have a great deal of involvement during SummerSlam and that it will go far beyond just using her song.

Stephanie McMahon said instead:

I think it could be really cool to work with Cardi. He posted a tweet that he posted not long ago where he combined his name with that of the show. I think she is so colorful, so lively and full of life that I think she would raise the bar for WWE. I think it would be great.

Words that let you imagine a big involvement insight for Cardi B. And which role would you see well in WWE?

James Reno

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