Will Emilia Clarke return to Game of Thrones?

House of the Dragon has revived interest in the universe of game of Thrones. The HBO Max series serves as a prequel to the original series and tells the story of the Targaryen family. And now the one who spoke about the opportunity to return to the franchise was Emilia ClarkeDaenerys Targaryen herself.

In June it was reported that HBO Max would be working on a spin-off focused on Jon Snow, the character of Kit Harrington. And now, at a Dream It Fest Q&A event, Clarke touched on the opportunity to return for this show.

“I still don’t think Daenerys was wrong and I’m on her side. It doesn’t seem fair to me that Jon can live,” Clarke said with a laugh.

“I want Daenerys with him. With Jon. They could go to family therapy and fix their problems. Daenerys is a very optimistic person, she has high hopes and I wish she could make it,” he added jokingly.

However, when asked in more depth about the chance to return, he assured: “We do not know where Daenerys’s body is.” After the end of the series, many fans speculate that the dragon Drogon took his body to Volantis, where the Red Priestesses come from and are known for the power of resurrection.

And you, do you hope to see Daenerys Targaryen again?

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