Will Hunting – Rebel genius: Robin Williams, the impromptu joke and the reaction of Matt Damon


Robin Williams improvised a line during one of Will Hunting’s most significant scenes, prompting an unforgettable reaction from Matt Damon, co-author of the screenplay.

Robin Williams, winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in Will Hunting – Rebel genius, has always been a real master of improvisation, an innate talent that he had perfected thanks to his long career as a stand-up comedian. The authentic reaction of Matt Damon to a joke from the comedian and the trembling hand of the cameramen are testimonies of Williams’ unrivaled genius, which will forever remain indelibly etched in the history of cinema.

One of the most hilarious and moving sequences in the film takes place in the studio of Sean, the character played by Robin. The psychologist starts talking to Will about the perfection we often look for in our partners, explaining that in reality it is the “imperfections”, the little idiosyncrasies, that make us who we are and that allow us to truly love and build lasting relationships.

Will Hunting - Rebel genius: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in one scene

Will Hunting – Rebel genius: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in one scene

Sean later launches into an anecdote about his late wife, describing how she used to fart in her sleep so hard that she could even wake their dog. The story leads both men to laugh hysterically.


However, this scene was completely improvised by Williams: in the original script, in fact, Sean shares a story about how his wife turned off the alarm during the night, causing him to arrive late for work. After the anecdote the script reads: “Will smiles”.

Damon’s uncontrollable laughter was not present in the script of Will Hunting – Rebellious Genius, it was a simple reaction, absolutely authentic, caused by the hilarious anecdote improvised by Williams. At some point, during the sequence, you can see that the camera also starts to wobble: the cameramen, who was holding back in order not to ruin the scene, started laughing silently making the camera jump. This is just another example of how immense the talent of Robin Williams was, an actor who was able, thanks to his innate talents and acting skills, to ensure that his performances were genuine, thus managing to make them unique. special and forever etched in our hearts.


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