Will it be about Liam Hemsworth’s infidelity?

Miley Cyrus records a new video: will it be about Liam Hemsworth’s infidelity?

After an advance of “River” was released, fans noticed details that have given rise to theories.

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On Friday, March 10, Miley Cyrus’ eighth studio album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” will be released. After the success of his first single “Flowers”, this new project is one of the most anticipated of the year. For now, the launch will be accompanied by a special for Disney + “Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)” and the premiere of the video clip for the song “River”.

In their social networksthe artist unveiled a teaser in which you can listen to part of the instrumental of river accompanied by a series of black and white shots in which you can see Miley’s face and her silhouette on a white background.

This small preview has given us something to talk about on social networks since Miley’s fansknown as smilers, They believe that the new video will be a hint towards the infidelities of Liam Hemsworth when he was married to the American singer. How did these theories come about?

Last week the interpreter shared on her social networks a teaser unveiling the songs that will make up “Endless Summer Vacation”. Although visually there were scenes that had been recorded for the promotion of “Flowers”, there are black and white montages that have made the audience think smilers that correspond to the video clip of “River”.

pausing the teaser The followers realized that there is a scene where Miley appears surrounded by men, which in total would be fourteen. Since before the release of “Flowers” it was speculated that Liam Hemsworth would have cheated on her during her marriage to fourteen women.

Also, for the advances that both give teaserfans suspect that the video clip for “River” has been recorded in the same location as “Flowers”. Elite Daily reported at the time that the mansion used is located in the Studio City district of Los Angeles, California, and was acquired by Miley Cyrus in 2011 for 4 million dollars.

Although this rumor has not been confirmed, when the video for “Flowers” came out, a viral tweet published by @ThePopTingz began to circulate with the version that in that same mansion Liam would have taken other womenwhile Miley was not at home. The recording in that specific location became part of the hints that the singer would have thrown at her ex-husband.

When it was announced in August 2022 that the couple was going to divorce, among the speculations that arose around the separation, infidelity on the part of the Australian was mentioned. Miley Cyrus in a tweet denied that this was the reason for the dissolution of the marriage.

Another theory that, according to fans, reinforces the idea that “River” will be a hint towards Liam Hemsworth is the reference to water. This would not be the first time that he refers to a body of water, since in “Slide Away” he used the ocean as a metaphor to talk about their relationship. It is well known that Liam enjoys spending time in the sea and surfing, a popular sport in his native Australia.

An article published in 2013 by the Daily Mail site about the then couple cooling off with a series of friends in a riverduring a trip to Costa Rica. in that groupdata that has not been confirmed, would have been the model Gabriella Brooks, Liam’s current girlfriend. Brooks worked for a time as a dancer at Miley’s concerts, thus establishing the link between the actor and the model. “River”, the fans say”, will also refer to their current relationship.

We will only have to wait for the premiere of the video clip on March 10 to discover which of these theories were true or if more emerge, as has been the case with “Flowers”.

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