Will it be worth $91 thousand? You can have an equal $1 coin at home

The coins that the Mint for the Bank of Mexico They are not exempt from manufacturing errors, despite the fact that quality standards are followed and the invoice of the pieces is reviewed before being released into national circulation. It is not the most frequent, but it is possible that one day you will find a specimen with minting errors that sometimes other users do not notice, that they continued to use it normally.

When this is the case and a commercial bank branch detects them, they can be separated from the rest, as is the case with coins damaged by constant use so that Banxico replaces them with new pieces that replace them, but there will be those who prefer to keep a copy with curious details or even include them in a personal collection of numismatic items.

But it can also happen that a user sees the opportunity to sell these rarities online, for which they commonly seek to charge high prices, but it also happens that they are advertised as if they were collectible items, but they are only so deteriorated that the stamped inscriptions on its surface are no longer legible, as in this coin of 1 peso that they try to sell for 91 thousand 595 pesos.

A buggy coin leaking quality reviews is one thing, but one that has already been in circulation and has been abused is quite another. (Free Market Mexico)

This happens from time to time on the well-known digital e-commerce platform Free Market Mexicowhere in its specialized section on Antiques and Collections They are usually found from the rarest varieties of commemorative coins, to the most recent coins that you can find anywhere after a purchase, but also simple damaged coins that are offered as if they were rare copies without equal.

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But a factory error is precisely that, a flaw in the manufacturing process before it leaves the institution that produces them, and after they are released into circulation, any subsequent alteration ceases to be considered as coinage defects, which It includes everything from wear and tear to deliberate modifications by some people, but that doesn’t fit into the same category anymore.

For example, the coin in the publication that we have just seen and which is advertised as having various minting errors may have been found on the street after suffering a few hours from the impact of vehicles passing over it, or any other destructive process that they do not give it a rarity or scarcity that makes it particularly valuable.

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Remember that if you have coins that you find of collectible interest, you can try to sell them on those digital channels, but before assigning an exaggerated price that may not reflect the market value, better go to a House numismatics to receive guidance so that you make your announcement with a realistic figure.

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