Will it rain at the Taylor Swift concert in Foro Sol?

Taylor Swift Only a few hours left for his concert to start Eras Tour in Mexico City’s Foro Sol, although fans are worried climate Last days in the nation’s capital.

Rain they have been whipping Mexico City These days a lot of people are worried that it might not rain taylor concert And they can be canceled as has already happened with other artists.

same year, billie eilish They faced a similar problem, as on the day of their concert in the same building, the rain showed no mercy to their audience, who had to return home without listening to the American, despite enduring the inclement weather.

Well, parts of the Foro Sol were flooded and the concert was postponed to the next day. In view of this, the question arises whether it will rain like this for the concert. Taylor Swift Or the nights will be clear so that drops fall from the eyes of his admirers.

Well, the weather forecast provided by the Mexican government with water There can be more than one concern as it is not very encouraging considering the possibility of rain for three days Eras Tour.

Weather Forecast

with water He hasn’t got good news for fans in his weather forecast for this weekend Taylor Swiftwell, for tomorrow 24 august and the first date of the American, is marked by the interval of rain, i.e. light rainaccording to him weather.com they have a 12% chance to take place.

He Friday 25 August Conditions do not improve, as government agency maintains a chance of light rain, and the page Google uses to report the weather mentions 24 percent chance of rain,

date of Saturday is one worst weather forecast As the National Water Commission forecast Heavy rain in the nation’s capital, while there is a mark on the website 54% chance for this to happen.

To finish, Sunday 27 August The situation does not look better as although there is still no forecast from the Mexican government, the website Weather.com reports that 38 percent chance of rain for that night.


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