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The famous American actor Will Smith continues to make international headlines after the slap he gave the comedian Chris Rockat the last ceremony of Oscars. Even if the actor had apologized to the latter as well as to those present at the evening, the members of theAcademy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sanctioned him by prohibiting him from any ceremony for ten years. In addition, the reaction of the actor had reflected on his career, with multiple projects which were notably put on hold.

Disney would be in negotiations with Dwayne Johnson

The situation does not seem to improve for Will Smith, since it is his participation in the film of disney, Aladdin 2, which would be compromised. Indeed, new rumors were brought to light two weeks ago by the American site giantfreakingrobot. According to the latter, the role of the genius interpreted by Will Smith in the sequel to Aladdin 2, could be taken by another person. However, the information has not yet been verified. In addition, according to the source, the Disney studios are in the middle of negotiations with Dwayne Johnson so that he takes a role, which has not been specified, in Aladdin 2.

Netflix has canceled the movie Bright 2

Note that this information has not been confirmed. As a reminder, Will Smith embodies the genius in Aladdin 2. This role had previously been played, in Aladdin in 1990, by Robin Williamswho died in 2014. As a reminder, this information comes several weeks after reports indicating that the American streaming giant netflix would have canceled the film Bright 2, in which the actor was to star. The information had been given by the journalist of Bloomberg, Lucas Shawwho stressed that the decision was unrelated to the slap.

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