Will Smith denies having sex with actor Duane Martin: defends his wife Jada

The allegation came from brother Bilal, who claimed that he had seen the actor in the act. Smith will take legal action along with his wife. Credit: X/Twitter @unwinewithtasha

An explosive statement has put not only the intimate life of Will Smith, but also their sexual preferences. This Monday his former assistant came forward. Bilal Bhaiwho publicly claimed The 55-year-old star was caught having sex with Duane Martin, also actor of “The Fresh Prince of Rap”. Apparently, the incident has infuriated Smith, who has flatly denied the incident, being supported by his wife. Jada Pinkett Smith,

During an interview with host Tasha Kay, brother Bilal introduced himself as a former friend and former assistant of the actor and mentioned seeing Smith and Martin in an intimate situation. In his candid testimony, the man said that Will was missing, which was not normal. While looking for her, “I opened the door to Duane’s dressing room and that’s when I saw her having anal sex with Will,” she explained. “There was a couch and Will was bent over the couch and Duane was standing there beating him, murdering him. “That was a funeral.”

Despite the lack of evidence, the statements drew a swift response from the Smith family. This week, a representative for Smith told tmz These are unexpected claims “Complete fabrication and claim clearly false”, Furthermore, the authenticity of Bilal’s association with the protagonist of “Men in Black” is still in doubt. No valid relationship has been proven from them.

Duane Martin, who has been a close friend of Will Smith for many years, has remained completely silent (Getty Images)

According to tmzSources close to the situation revealed that Will Smith considering legal action In response to these statements. But he is not alone amid these rumours. In response to the allegations, the actor’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed that they plan to approach the law.

“Let’s Sue!” Pinkett Smith’s words were When asked by journalists about the situation as they left the facilities I Heart Radio This Wednesday in New York.

For his part, Duane Martin, best known for his role in the television series “The Fresh Prince of Rap” and a friend of Smith for many years, opted for a different strategy and publicly rejected the allegation. Handing over the work to Will and Jada. , Sources familiar with Martin said the actor Considers the allegations “ridiculous” and does not intend to respond to them,

“We’re going to sue!” These were the words of Pinkett Smith that she told reporters when they questioned her about the statements she made about a homosexual episode between Will Smith and Duane Martin (Getty Images/The New York Times)

Let us tell you that Duane Martin was married to Tisha Campbell from 1996 to 2020. The divorce process was characterized by its complexity as Campbell filed papers to end their marriage in 2018.

Although the Smith-Pinkett couple’s legal actions have not yet been finalized, the truth is This is not the first time that there has been talk about the possibility of a homosexual relationship between Will Smith and Duane Martin., Both were linked up in 2016 online radar,

American media claimed that the Hollywood actor had a romantic relationship with his best friend Duane for several years, which he would maintain Was paid $2 million for his silence, However, no one involved commented on the matter to refute or confirm the version.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have been separated for 7 years, but have no plans to divorce (Photo by Jason Lavreis/FilmMagic)

Recently, Jada Pinkett Smith released her own memoir titled “Worthy” and Will was able to read it quickly. “It’s incredible to realize that, despite spending most of my life with you, I still find myself stunned and stunned, surprised, laughed at, then inspired, then heartbroken. The rapper also wrote, “It was everywhere.”

Jada and Will confirmed that they have been separated for almost seven years. However, Neither of them plan to sign divorce papers.Well, as Jada assured nbcThey will do everything in their power to save the relationship.

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