Will Smith didn’t want to do ‘Men in Black,’ but Spielberg sent a helicopter to meet him and explain: “You know I made ‘Jaws,’ right?”

Will Smith in ‘Men in Black’

Many Hollywood stars would have had a different future if it weren’t for some of their iconic roles in hit movies. who knows where it will end Leonardo Dicaprio not attending Titanic (1997), or Uma Thurman If she hadn’t played the idealistic Mia pulp Fiction (1994). Chance plays a card in cinema as well, where choosing characters (and projects) well is almost as important as knowing how to interpret them.

Will SmithLooks Like The Industry Has Forgiven Chris Rock For His Unfortunate Slap At The Oscars, Recently Admitted On The Show heart to heartHosted by Kevin Hartwho didn’t want to participate men in Black And Steven Spielberg, who was producing the film, sent a helicopter to her house to visit and talk to her about changing her mind.

The saga of the Men in Black was one of the springboards that solidified Smith’s career in the 1990s, as well as two rebel policemen And Independence Day, Together men in Black managed to raise over half a million dollars at the box office.

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Spielberg at the premiere of ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate’ (Reuters)

“Steven Spielberg sent a helicopter over to talk to me”Smith said heart to heart, “I was in New York. I reached his house and he welcomed me”, added the actor. The interpreter has admitted in interviews that one of the reasons she had to decline the role in the first place was “I didn’t want to do two Alien movies in a row” since he had already attended Independence Day,

“He was very indifferent to me,” Smith declared of the director’s first words. Jurassic Park, “He said to me: ‘Tell me why you don’t want to do my film…’ (…) If he had continued, he would have said: ‘You idiot, you know I have Shark, Truth? you know i did at“, It is finished.

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