Will Smith reveals what is the best movie of his career (and the worst)


Will Smith really does have an enviable career, but what do you think is the best movie he has ever acted in and which is the worst?

When you are Will Smith and you have to choose from all of yours movie which are the best and worst you may have some difficulties, given the amount to analyze … But the actor does not seem to have many doubts about it, and immediately cites The Pursuit of Happiness, Men in Black and Wild Wild West. But in which category will he have placed them?

During the segment of GQ “Actually Me”, the interpreter of Willy, the Prince of Bel Air responded to comments from web users by hiding his identity, and among the questions he enjoyed replying there was also the uncomfortable question about the best and worst film of his career.

But if another actor might have had some difficulty narrowing it down, Smith seems pretty sure of his answer.
For the best, I think it’s an ex aequo between The Quest for Happiness (the film directed by Gabriele Muccino) and [il primo] Men in Black“explains Will, elaborating”The reasons are different, but for me they are two almost perfect films“.


And what about the worst?
Mmmh I don’t know, but Wild Wild West is a pain in the ass. Seeing me in those cowboy pants every time … I don’t like it“. If we add the fact that that was the film for which I give up the role of Neo in the Matrix, as Deadline also recalls …

And you, which do you think are the best and the worst films in which Will Smith starred?


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