Will ‘The Hunger Games’ make $100 million without Jennifer Lawrence?

Fifth installment this Friday The Hunger Games: Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, after the original saga kicked off eight years ago. Battles between districts, tributes and unbridled action return to a franchise that won’t be the first time Jennifer Lawrence. However, a stellar absence doesn’t stop it box office forecast Make $50 million in the first weekend and at least $100 million overall. But can he achieve it?

As Variety explains, songbirds and snakes song has a budget of 100 million dollars. That is, the main hope of producers is to recover the initial investment. But, to be considered profitable, Movies Taking into account promotional expenses and the percentage of distributors and exhibitors, between $250 and $300 million would need to be raised.

However, the projected figures for this prequel are a far cry from the original saga. For example, On fire It was the highest-grossing installment of the franchise, earning more than $865 million worldwide, But the film which got the least was Mockingjay. part 2 With $653.2 million. The story that rocked Lawrence To world fame, precisely in 2015 Mockingjay. part 2, Now, the focus is on the new protagonist, Lucy Gray Baird, played by Rachel ZieglerAnd young Coriolanus Snow, in charge of tom blyth,

A prequel to compete with The Marvels

Premiere of the new installment of ‘Hunger Games’ There will be a coincidence in theaters ‘The Marvels’, Which earned $110.3 million in its first weekend. in the matter of ‘Song of songbirds and snakes’, Box Office Pro Estimates And Deadline estimates the US collection to be between $38 and $50 million. Although the absence of Jennifer Lawrence raises questions about its potential at the box office, with ‘Napoleon’ allowed, it is one of the bigger premieres of the season. Joaquin Phoenix And ridley scott,

The saga is worth remembering ‘Hunger Games’Based on the trilogy by the American author Suzanne Collins, is one of the most successful franchises of all time and has raised approximately $3 billion (approximately €2,756 million) to date. Story set 64 years before Katniss Everdeen (previously played) Jennifer Lawrence) volunteered as tribute, and decades before Snow became the tyrannical president Panem, The fifth installment of this saga explores the violent past Hunger Games.

One strategy, that strategy of prequels that appear out of nowhere and have virtually no popular demand, is becoming increasingly widespread among big commercial franchises. All you have to do is watch recent movies Grindelwald within the universe of Harry Potter. But, in case of ‘Hunger Games’, This is particularly surprising because of its proximity in time to the end of the original tetralogy. Mighty knight…

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