Will we see Loki in ‘Deadpool 3’? Tom Hiddleston reacts to rumors

‘Loki’ has just ended with the actors’ strike, which has allowed Tom Hiddleston to promote the final chapter of the series and talk about the character’s future in the MCU. He did it on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ where the presenter introduced a theory that haunts all forums and Marvel accounts: what he says Loki and members of TVA (Temporal Variation Authority or AVT in Spanish), He will make a cameo in ‘Deadpool 3’,

Fallon asked Hiddleston directly if the rumors were true. But the actor got distracted and went around the bushes and, coincidentally, fueling these rumors Not by rejecting them outright.

,This is a very good question. I’m thinking about all the answers I can give you, What I can tell you is that I know they are making ‘Deadpool 3’. “And I know Ryan Reynolds owns a football team in the UK.”

'Loki' season 2

‘Deadpool 3’ cameo

If you’re careful, it’s possible that you, dear reader, will also be connected to ‘Deadpool 3’ at some point. And we’ve had months of rumors about which actors and characters will appear in the third part of the antihero, and some names have already been revealed.

Once Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner were confirmed as Wolverine and Elektra, speculation began about Daniel Radcliffe as a version of Logan From an alternate universe. It is also rumored that Ben Affleck or Chris Evans will return to their roles as Daredevil and Human Torch from two decades ago. There are those who point to the return of the X-Men in the form of Magneto (Ian McKellen), Storm (Halle Berry) o sabertooth (Liev Schreiber). Others talk about the return of Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). And there is also talk that Taylor Swift will appear as Dazzler, Apart from the TVA members, as we said earlier.

‘Deadpool 3’ director Shawn Levy already talked about all the speculation, intentionally fueling the hype to keep the conversation going. “The rumors of actors, singers and sports stars joining ‘Deadpool 3’ are fantastic. If everything I read was on the internet, I would have the best cast in the history of cinema. All I will say is that some of those rumors are true, and some are not.,

However, beyond the aforementioned Jackman and Garner, The second signature we know of is Dogpool, the dog version of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds announced this message on his Twitter/X account: “Has Dogpool saved your day? Gremlin doesn’t have a chance in hell. But he’s currently causing nightmares for Disney’s plush department. Soon This movie is coming summer 2024”

Will we see Loki in ‘Deadpool 3’, or has the series marked the character’s final farewell?


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