Will we see Rocket League games within Fortnite?

fortnite It’s here now one of your best moments after the game rises in 2017. The return to the origins in Fortnite OG and The return to the original map has been returned to the most played game board in the world, and you’re busy talking about what will happen within 15 days, when the next phase of the game follows. the data mines, which a few days ago pointed to to crosses with lego now they say that too You will find a new way to travel in that place. rocket league It will touch a peeled paper.

ShiinaBR user He posted an image of a jumping cocaine that looked like a fiery star on Twitter and stated: “fortnite just add this image of rocket league to the Career path list. This is a provisional image but it confirms that Rocket League is here very involved in the next way of playing Racing.”

Possible characteristics of the Racing mode

Another Twitter user, ifiremonkey, is also famous for leaking information. fortniteHe was the one who woke up in July of this year Career path data which game will supposedly tend epic gamesthat will be independent of the rest of the modes that you have in the game and that will tend to 12 maps, one way classified 4 maps, hired tanks, own battle platform and a garage to customize the car, with different vehicles that will be unlocked after you play. This new way of playing will begin Available for a limited time only.

In 2019, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, bought Psyonix, the creators of rocket leagueand from there he took it to the top several events that link the two games, like Llama-Rama, in which players unlock rewards by returning to specific tasks or by including them in rocket league of the bus from which the players jump Delaware fortnite at the beginning of each match.

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