Willem Dafoe had to spend 6 hours in makeup every day for Poor Creatures

Willem Dafoe explains the process he had to follow to actually put himself in the shoes of mutilated-faced scientist extraordinaire Dr. Godwin Baxter.

In his new film, poor creaturesWillem Dafoe is known as an unconventional scientist Dr. Godwin BaxterWhose face was disfigured by his surgeon father in his childhood.

poor creaturesDirected by Yorgos Lanthimos, it will tell us the story of how Dr. Godwin Baxter decides to resurrect a woman’s corpse by replacing her brain with that of a fetus.

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women, Beautiful -which is explained Emma Stone-, he must learn everything about the world as if he were a newborn baby, and Willem Dafoe’s character You have to deal with your desire for knowledge and your desire to live with it duncan wedderburn -embodied by mark ruffalo-, a sophisticated and perverted lawyer.

But Put yourself in the shoes of Dr. Godwin Baxter It was not easy for Willem Dafoe, especially on a physical level, as he had to spend many hours in the make-up room to get the face that we will see in the film, which resulted in his morning being in time for filming. film ka.ka Yorgos Lanthimos,

This is what Willem Dafoe did for his biggest transformation

“Every day four hours in, two hours out: I come in at three in the morning, sit on a chair, I meditate and try to remain still.“he explained willem dafoe In a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

,you can not sleep Because it’s so complex you have to work with people implementing it. It’s hard work, but i liked working with masks“Literally, a mask,” said the actor.

Despite his 6 hours in makeup and subsequent filming time, Willem Dafoe really enjoyed working poor creatures: “(His world) is ideal for an actor, because it looks like nothing, You turn towards him. Everything tells you what to do.”

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