Wilnelia Merced: “My mom was everything to me”

the president of Miss World Puerto Rico Delia Cruz and mother of Wilnelia Merced, the first Puerto Rican to win the crown of the international contest, passed away, the organization reported through its Instagram account. She was 87 years old.

“It is with deep sorrow that we share the departure of our dear Doña Delia Cruz, president of @missmundopr and mother of our @wilneliaforsyth. She rests in peace and may the comfort that comes from God reach the whole family and those we love, ”she reads the message.

Cruz, who was always active in events related to the local beauty pageant, passed away this morning from complications with the Alzheimer’s in a care home for the elderly in Caguas.

Merced confirmed to this medium that her mother was in an advanced stage of the disease and that given the progress of the condition they had to confine her to a home, after two weeks hospitalized.

“Since October, the condition worsened and we decided to leave my mom in Puerto Rico, because since Bruce died five years ago I took her to my house in England for months. We were inseparable. Mami stayed with me for six months and then we returned to Puerto Rico, but because of the illness she was here in the center in Caguas and she could go see her 24 hours a day, ”said the former beauty queen calmly.

Miss World 1975 celebrated her 87th birthday three weeks ago and was with her last Mother’s Day. From the celebration of that day, she remembered that she was able to sing songs from yesterday with her mother, who was a lover of boleros and ballads.

“My mom was everything to me. It has been very hard because I lost my dad four months ago, he had Alzheimer’s and he covid And now this mommy. They are two strong games in months. But I have to remember her as the most important woman in my life and to whom I owe everything I am, ”she indicated.

“Thanks to everyone who has called and written to me. My mother was loved by so many people who knew her over the past 30 years for the franchise. Today that love that they gave her sustains me”, he added.

In the Facebook social network of the beauty pageant it was reported that everything related to the funeral arrangements will be notified soon. Merced, for her part, indicated that they have not yet specified all the details, so she announced that there will be a religious service next week.

In December 2021, Merced received a tribute for her career through the retrospective exhibition “Lady Wilnelia Forsyth, a journey from her crown to the present” in the municipality of Caguas. At that time, the former beauty queen expressed herself about her mother’s Alzheimer’s condition and the stage in which she was.

”We have been going through a process a few years ago…my mother has Alzheimer’s, unfortunately. Her mind between one thing and another, maybe tomorrow she won’t remember anything, but today she was there and she was very excited because she knew he was talking about her, “he mentioned at the time.

For Lady Merced, widow of Sir Bruce Forsyth, her mother was always the pillar of her life and the one who motivated her to believe in her potential and her dreams. Given the experience with her mother’s illness, Miss World 1975 is preparing to develop a non-profit organization aimed at caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s in Puerto Rico. For this, she began to receive help and guidance from the Central University of the Caribbean.

  Wilnelia Merced, along with her husband Bruce Forsyth and her mother Delia Cruz, have given their full support to the Puerto Rican beauty. <font color="yellow">(Supplied)</font>” loading=”lazy”/></picture><figcaption>  Wilnelia Merced along with her late husband Bruce Forsyth and her mother Delia Cruz.  <!-- --> </figcaption></figure>
<p class=Cruz was born in Caguas, like the former beauty queen, and her mother was Natividad Fernández, who worked as a cook at the Caguas hospital.

Before entering the world of pageants, Cruz worked as a stylist in several beauty salons that she owned. She was also a marquee seamstress and worked in an electrical appliance factory. She was an enterprising woman all her life and her goal was always to help her five children (four biological and one foster) forward.

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