Wine, three tricks to open the bottle if you don’t have a corkscrew They will change your evening

Wine –

Need to open your bottle of wine but realize you don’t have a corkscrew? Here are 3 hacks that won’t ruin your evening

The working hours are over and tonight you have decided to treat yourself a good glass of wine to relax. Then a short stop at your trusted store to buy what you want so much and to enjoy a good drink while you dine. Did you choose it carefully?

Well, it is time to go home and on the way you are already thinking about when you will finally be comfortably seated in your armchair drinking your good wine. You get home, you take off your work clothes, you shower, you put on music, you have a drink, your bottle of wine.

Everything is ready but in the most beautiful…. You realize you don’t have the corkscrew. Ruined afternoon? No, in fact we can solve it with some little tricks that will allow you to open your bottle and. enjoy your good wine.

What you will need will be objects that you can easily find at home.. In common use, you will surely have them and you will be able to open the bottle without any problem.

How to preserve a bottle of wine

However, before revealing the tricks that we have thought for you, to open your bottle of wine even without a corkscrew, we would like to dwell on an important detail. To drink wine in the best conditions it is important that it is stored correctly. The modalities are different depending on whether it is white, red, rosé or sparkling wine.

while sparkling wine should be stored at a temperature around 10/12 degrees, white wine between 8 and 12, red wine between 12 and 15. Yes, that red wine should be drunk at room temperature is a legend.

3 tricks to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew –

3 effective tricks

To open your bottle you could use some keys. We recommend that you bring a key that you no longer need, in case it breaks. Then remove the foil from the top of the lid and use it. the key as a real corkscrew. Insert it into the cap at a 45-degree angle, and then twist it gently.. Equally effective is the kitchen ladle or wooden spoon. Again you will have to remove the film, place the bottle on a flat surface and tap the end of the handle on the lid to push it back. No, the wine will not taste like a cork unless it is broken.

Have you ever thought about using a shoe to open a bottle of wine? Insert the bottle into the ankle hole and hit a wall firmly but without exaggerating force, the cork will start to come out slowly. It will take some time, but the method is effective. You can replace the shoe with a kitchen towel, the main thing is not to damage the wall.

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