Wink at Barça? Amrabat’s enigmatic message on his social networks

The FC Barcelona board of directors is currently in contact with their Fiorentina counterparts in the last hours of the winter transfer window. Both clubs, in principle, have been in favor of reaching an agreement to loan Sofyan Ambrabat to the Catalan team. Nevertheless, the focus of contention lies in the terms in which the same could occurso at the moment there is no agreement.

Through his Instagram account, the Moroccan international, a team with which he made history in the last edition of the World Cup by becoming the first African team to reach the semifinals, has sent a mysterious message, which could be related with the rebellious attitude that he has taken before the Fiorentina board: “Go for it now, the future is not promised to anyone”.

In fact, the midfielder has not been present in the last training session with the Italian team as a measure of pressure on the board to speed up the negotiations that allow him to land in Barcelona in the next few hours. But the resistance of the ‘Fiore’ would not have suited the player at allso he hopes that one of the two parties will give in to close the pact.

The conflict between the parties

On the one hand, the culés only want to receive him on loan until the end of the 2022/23 season, with which he would return to ‘Viola’ once the course ends. Nevertheless, the Italians want to include a mandatory purchase option in the operation That for the moment would have been rejected by the Catalan entity, since it would reduce its options with a view to the summer transfer market when reinforcing the squad.

In terms of financial ‘fair play’, the culé team is doing just enough and, despite the fact that the figure proposed by the Florence team is still unknown, this is surely the factor that would be hindering the “ok” by the Catalans . It remains to wait for new events on how this operation would be progressingespecially if both clubs find a middle ground to close the deal.

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