Winner of the competition “Do we eat?” The world’s most exotic dinner will be hosted by Stella Artois with Zoe Saldana and Matt Damon and other celebrities

Double ticket to New York, stay at the Soho Grand Hotel, transportation, reception, an extravagant dinner and a after the party Closing out the night, it is everything that encompasses the experience it promises Stella Artois, The AB InBev Brewery brand has collaborated with various celebrities from Hollywood cinema, sports, music and art as well in its most recent campaign, “Will We Eat?” Provided a meeting between the lucky winner of.

Wrapping up the celebration of the national holidays is Daniela Soto, a 31-year-old telephone executive from Chilote who is lucky enough to pack her bags and organize all the preparations for her first trip outside Chile. He would not travel more than 9 thousand kilometers with his sister Paula to meet the man of whom he confessed to being a fan. zoe saldanaThe hero of “Avatar” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”. “I love her work, it’s amazing to go on this journey and share it with her and other celebrities.”He says after knowing about the award.

With her best clothes and temperament, the lady of Encud will become a New Yorker for a few days from September 19, the day her adventure in the Big Apple begins. “I’m doing the final passport processing and honestly I feel so excited, I can’t believe it. It was my sister who gave me this news. “I was working hard on my routine until they called me to confirm that I was the winner among over 20 thousand participants.”he points out.

At the office of the telephone company where Soto works, a work day was going on like any other when he received the announcement that “Comemos?” He has participation in. Got incredible results. Like many people, due to the pace of their lives, time for eating and bonding with friends and family is very limited or given little attention. But your daily life will completely change thanks to this unique opportunity offered by Stella Artois.

“We want to provide experiences where people form a bond, interact and re-feel the feeling of sharing a table. Stella Artois’ mission is to help create that fun, authentic connection through conversation, food, and good beer. It is very exciting to know that we will be able to give a Chilean woman the most exotic dinner in the world and that she will be able to meet someone she admires to live unforgettable moments.notes diego sofiaBrand Manager of Stella Artois in Chile.

In addition to Zoe Saldana, Oscar winner and star of the movie “Oppenheimer,” actor Matt Damon will attend the dinner. The two artists are joined by other celebrities, such as “Fast & Furious” singer and actor, Ludacris; ATP tennis player Francis Tiafoe; Actor and star of the series “The Bear”, Jeremy Allen White and famous businessman, chef and trendsetter.

The panorama is completely completed by the presence of well-known television faces of our country. On the one hand, he will be at this great dinner with winners, singers, models and influencers. vesta luge, In addition to being an Italian model, fan of cooking and the fashion world, marcelo marrochino, This epic journey, which will inspire everyone to dine together, will be shared through the social networks of these celebrities of Chile magazine.

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