Winter 2021/22 makeup trends: five musts

THEpowerful, decisive and sophisticated: le winter makeup trends 2021/2022 they put romance aside and head straight for the goal, which translates, first of all, into the desire to impress.

F / W 2021/22 make-up trends: the meaning of seasonal make-up

It is the constant of a make up in the limelight, which resumes the scene after months undertone: women are the real stars of the stage, with lips in the foreground, captivating looks and faces full of personality.

Not missing a retro touch but updated, because there is no room for nostalgia, at least this season.

1. The return of lipstick, dark and matte

The lips are undoubtedly the protagonists of the Fall-Winter 2021/22 make-up trends: the new seasonal collections tell it, which all focus on energetic lipsticks, presented as jewels thanks to more luxurious packs than ever, real objects of desire after months of unavoidable set aside.

A trend confirmed by the first red carpets of the post Covid-19 era, one real revenge of color, better if mat, that is opaque, expression of a strong willed woman.

They are also the textures that celebs like the most. From Anya Taylor Joy, who sported a seductive burgundy shade at the latest CFDA Fashion Awards, the Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Lipstick color Forever Shock, blended at the edges by make-up artist Georgie Eisdell to increase the dramatic effect.

At the lipstick seen on Hailey Bieber to LACMA, from intense reds of Miranda Kerr, Kate Hudson And Alexandra Daddario on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Baby2Baby Gala, up to the fuchsia of Hillary Duff, at the same event.

A real riot of impactful colors with a high seduction rate. Irresistible.

2. Overlining ’90s lips revisited

Whether intense or nude, lipstick is increasingly applied according to the technique ofoverlining which puts the accent on the mouth, emphasizing it to the maximum. The secret lies in a wise use of the pencil, applied just above the natural contour of the lips, preferably in a slightly darker color than the lipstick used.

Loved by Zendaya, Chiara Ferragni and Jennifer Lopez, the technique also gives those with thin lips and dreams an optical push-up effect.

How do you get a top result? With a creamy or glossy texture, just like the stars do. The return to the nineties is assured.

3. Smokey eye color “nature”. From mocha to caramel

The shades of autumn trees also conquer the eyes this year, with eyeshadows ranging from caramel to the mocha, up to the most vibrant tones of the copper.

They donate to moon-skinned women, like Dear Delevingne, who focused on smokey eyes in these shades at the CFDA Awards, but also at blackberries like Zendaya, because they light up the gaze, enhancing the golden specks.

4. The “kitten eyeliner”, like a cat

That it is a great classic is beyond doubt, that it suits everyone, as long as it is calibrated according to the shape and size of the eye too. This year among the makeup trends there is one more reason to try theeyeliner which is renewed in the variant “kitten”, or “kitty”, instead of the traditional application “cat eye”.

The difference is already in the name: the line no longer runs along the entire eyelid but begins in the middle or even towards the end, ending with the classic comma, slightly up. Good news for those who just can’t get a straight line, but also a less dramatic rendering, for a lighter look.

5. “Feathery brows”, time for wild eyebrows

Discipline at all costs, that given by the tattoo effect and microblanding, is no longer at the top of the wish list when it comes to winter makeup trends eyebrows, who like them a little wild and maybe combed up like those of Chiara Ferragni.

The “feathery brows”, literally “feathered eyebrows”, are especially suitable for those who already have them as thick as the influencer. To get them, just comb them up and fix them with a special gel.

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Too? The natural alternative always pleases as long as they are disciplined enough. Ordered yes, fake no.


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