WINTER BASEBALL – Earthquake of managers arrives in Lidom

Hector J. Cruz

First it was Felix Peguero who left the Eastern Stars in an announcement last Tuesday.

He said that the San Francisco Giants (MLB) and his family demanded his full attention and that is why he was leaving the position he had held for two years.

This Thursday there were two more teams leaving their managers and becoming vacant positions.

At noon, Jesús Mejía, from the Giants of Cibao, He issued a written statement stating that he was leaving the position of which the ancestor tournament was champion. Under his management, and the same manager Luis Urueta, the Giants attended two finals in a row, having lost the first against the Águilas Cibaeñas in the 2021-22 tournament.

In the case of Peguero, the Stars had two straight finalsbut both resulted in defeats, first against the Giants and this January against Licey.

In the afternoon of Thursday, via twitter, the Toros del Este joined the festival announcing that their manager Raymond Abreu will not return. Abreu had been in the position for 5 years, and led the franchise to its second crown, in the 2019-20 tournament.

The decision was made by the Bulls, and so the club’s announcement says. In the cases of Peguero and Mejía, the decision has been theirs, according to their public statements.

The president of the Giants, Alfredo Acebal Rizek, He told Listín Diario the following: “We thank Jesus for his dedication and delivery to the team. He gave us our second crown and for that we will always be grateful. We respect his decision and he will have our support in whatever comes for his future. We continue to work hard to maintain the competitive team that we have achieved in recent years”.

Jesús’s statement is as follows: “For professional reasons I have decided to exercise the contractual exit clause and leave the position of general manager.”

“It has been an extremely difficult decision, but a necessary one at this time.” He thanked the organization’s board of directors for the support, as well as his colleagues within the operations department, the coaching staff, players and the legion of fans. The other three Lidom clubs have those positions filled.

In the Chosen is Luis Rojas, but It is not known if he will continue in the position after his first term.

The red team has been eliminated the last two years without being able to cross into the round robin.

The Licey has the champion manager Audo Vicente already confirmed, and the Eagles gave Angel Ovalles a two-year extension.

A Lidom manager is believed to have a salary ranging from $6,000 to $8,000 per month, varying by team. They charge 12 months of the year, according to data provided to Listín Diario.

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