WINTER GAMES The IOC criticizes the “chilling atmosphere” of the Valieva environment

The ‘Valieva case’ continues to kick in. After everything that happened around the 15-year-old Russian phenomenon that the TAS allowed to compete in the Beijing Games despite knowing a positive result for trimetazidine and that finally succumbed to the pressure and was left off the podium, fourth, in the individual competition, The president of the IOC, Thomas Bach, has been very explicit in his final press conference of the Games: “I am very disturbed from what I saw yesterday on television. The high pressure on Valieva is beyond my imagination. Especially since she is a 15 year old girl. Watching her wrestle on the ice, watching her try to regain her composure and finish her show. She could see it in the body language, I was under immense mental stress. She might have preferred to leave the ice and leave the story behind.”

“Seeing the coldness of her team receiving her was tremendous. Instead of trying to help her, you could feel a huge distance and distance.”

Thomas Bach

German was especially hard with the Russian Olympic Committee: “It was chilling to see how her team received her with tremendous coldness. Instead of trying to help her, you could feel a huge distance and distance, a creepy atmosphere. Interpreting Kamila’s body language you see that it got even worse”. Valieva cried, just like her compatriot Trusova, silver but heartbroken: Everyone has a gold medal, but not me! I hate this sport, I hate it! I’m not going out on the ice anymore!” he yelled. The ‘Valieva case’, with everything that surrounds it and the suspicions again centered on Russia, which we remember is sanctioned for state doping, is far from over because It remains to be determined what happens to the team gold medal that ROC took on the Chinese ice, with Kamila Valieva forming part of the sextet, and that is still up in the air.

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