WitcherCon: Virtual fan event for The Witcher announced!

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CD Projekt Red and Netflix have just announced that they are celebrating a virtual fan festival for those who want to indulge in the “The Witcher” franchise. The fan event for the Witcher Universe will take place on July 9, 2021 .

The Witcher (series)

What does the WitcherCon offer? At its core, the Witchercon is a “multi-format event” that is addressed in epic form to old and new “The Witcher” fans. So it’s about video games and TV series. The virtual convention connects both worlds and even more, like the conjunction of spheres.

Below is an overview of the content that will be communicated as part of the WitcherCon:

  • Interactive panels with people behind the scenes. So people will have their say who “brought The Witcher to life”
  • There will be an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the entire “The Witcher” series
  • An insight into the creative world of CD Projekt Red, who is currently working on the mobile game The Witcher: Monster Slayer. The anime film Nightmare of the Wolf, the comics, fan articles, and the Netflix series and merchandise are also discussed here
  • There are also conversations about the background: monsters, origins, legends, and lore of the continent

If you don’t want to miss the spectacle, you can follow it on two days:

  1. The stream begins on July 9, 2021, at 7 p.m. German time
  2. The stream begins on July 10, 2021, at 3 a.m. German time

Since they are also streamed on YouTube, you can certainly still watch the streams afterward. Then just have a look at this YouTube channel.

And until that happens, we’d like to tell you in our podcast how we felt about the first season of The Witcher on Netflix?


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