With a huge budget of 300 million dollars, Vin Diesel will direct the most expensive film in history?

Fast X is going to be a great movie, especially considering its budget, which would be big enough to make the next installment one of the most expensive films ever made. It’s only been a few days since production on the film began, and a lot has already happened.

We’re talking about director Justin Lin’s exit from the film. According to some, he left the franchise after five films and ten years due to difficulties with Vin Diesel. A source revealed that Diesel’s lack of professionalism caused Lin to quit the franchise.

Without a director Fast X had to deal with a production stoppage, which resulted in the loss of part of the production. $1 million each day. Regarding Fast & Furious 10, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s budget would have increased massively to make the next chapter in the Fast saga one of the most expensive films ever produced.

The portal also said in the report that the budget for Fast X approaches more than 10 million euros. $300 million before marketing and advertising expenses. Of this amount, $100 million are provided for overhead, including producers, directors and actors. All of the actors, including Diesel, Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa, Brie Larson and others, are said to have seven- or eight-figure salaries.

Coming back to the film’s director, the search for the new creator of Fast 10 has come to an end. It is said that Universal Pictures has tapped Louis Leterrier to direct the upcoming film. Louis is famous for The Incredible Hulk, Now You See Me and its sequel, Clash of the Titans, and the Transporter movies.

Recently, when the production started, the new title of the film was also announced by Vin Diesel. Fans reacted to Fast X and expressed their disappointment at not using the witty pun by naming it “Fas-Ten Your Seatbelts”.


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