With a Strip! Kim Kardashian Surprises With Just One Garment


Kim Kardashian shared a photo showing off her beauty, wearing only a strip that goes through her charms at the bottom

The businesswoman and socialite Kim Kardashian shared a photo a long time ago where she was wearing only one garment at the bottom, which was quite flirty and especially tiny.

Known thanks to her voluptuous figure, Kim Kardashian does not miss any opportunity to show off her charms and exquisite figure, so she always takes the opportunity to pamper her fans and looks spectacular, whether promoting any of her products or simply enjoying her pool or some travel.

Thanks to the publications that this beautiful celebrity from the United States usually makes, her millions of fans have the opportunity to learn a little more about their own tastes and places that she usually visits which are usually beautiful.

December 3, 2018, was the day that delighted the pupil of his fans thanks to this disturbing photograph in which he looked like a whole Renaissance painting, with his long hair and striking eyes, posing with softness and elegance.

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In the photo, Kendall Jenner’s older sister was posing sitting on her own legs, with her hands posed in front of her thighs on a white cloth.

There are two things in the photo that immediately catch your eye: the first is her hair, this time she wore it long and a little curly, there is a high probability that this is her natural hair without any special treatment.



The funny thing about the image is that it had to take it completely forward, this to cover its charms, however, they left a small part uncovered surely to attract the attention of their fans and that despite “Not showing much”, they would have the opportunity to see a little more.

Something that certainly cannot go unnoticed in the snapshot is that she is wearing one of the tiniest garments, it seems only a thin strip that passes through her charms and covers what is essential to prevent Instagram from deleting a said photo and admonishing the businesswoman.

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The place where it is can not be described, because the photo-focused only on the figure of the socialite, so everything around it appears out of focus, despite this you can see long curtains and perhaps some furniture, could certainly be an adapted photographic studio.

As mentioned recently at the beginning of the note, Kim Kardashian took advantage of this photograph that was surely part of a flirty session to promote one of her products from her KKW Beauty brand,  as she herself mentioned in her description.

Bts from my KKW Beauty Classic Blossom shoot, shop the collection now, “wrote Kim Kardashian.

With more than 2 million 500 thousand red hearts in the publication, it could be considered one of the favorites of its followers, because despite having shared it 3 years ago it continues to have new likes.

As is customary in her social media posts, the businesswoman, model, and influencer have thousands of comments from her fans.

The vast majority of her followers, when they comment, limit themselves to putting emojis referring to her beauty and few of them come to comment with some text, admiring her beauty and stating that she is one of the most beautiful on the entire Internet.

Together with their sisters, they have become great personalities not only on social networks but also on the show, each one has managed to capture the attention of the whole world, especially in the controversies that have been involved in recent years in which their program KUWTK was on the air.

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