With gold lifts! Weightlifters Julio Mayora and Génesis Rodríguez shine in Valledupar 2022

Julius Majora He continues to give something to talk about and once again showed why he is one of the top references in Creole weights. And it is that the silver medalist of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games rose as the best of the 73 kilograms at the Bolivarian Games of Valledupar 2022.

According to the information provided by the Venezuelan Olympic Committee (COV) through its Twitter account, the guaireño not only conquered the top of the podium of the New Granada fair, but also set the Pan-American, South American, Bolivarian and Ibero-American record in the competition.

Mayora managed to lift a total of 345kg, which were divided into 160kg that she reached in the snatch and 185kg in the clean and jerk.records that were more than enough to seize a couple of gold medals at the event.

The silver medal went to Luis Mosquera from Colombia, while the Dominican Francisco Tonton closed the podium with the bronze medal.

I am happy my people, I came with the mission to fulfill and I achieved it, I had the presence of my daughter and my wife in addition to all the support of Venezuela and my family who could see me on television and believe me I did it for you I hope to have another perfect cycle and that the anthem does not stop playing in the competitions where I participate”, Mayora said.

In the female branch, Genesis Rodriguez became the new Bolivarian monarch in the 55kg test. At the start he managed to lift 87kg, a mark with which he achieved his first gold metal of the fair, to which he added a second gold medal by lifting 108kg in clean and jerk with which he would seal the definitive victory in Valledupar 2022.

The first appointment of the cycle, the first opportunity on the route to Paris and we were able to win the gold medals, quite a high temperature, but we were able to have a good start and a good clean and jerk to win the medals”, highlighted the carabobeña proudly.

unattainable advantage

The representation of Colombia became this Sunday the absolute champion of the XIX Bolivarian Games of Valledupar by totaling 133 gold medals, 80 silver and 54 bronze.

In the absence of two days of competition, in which 100 gold metals will be awarded, the premises become unattainable for Venezuela that has 43 gold, 52 silver and 62 bronze.

The host delegation thus completes its second consecutive title, since in 2017 it was the best in Santa Marta and now in Valledupar.

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