With his most recent video Camila Cabello and Camilo in a bed that goes on an “Ambulance”

Camilo Y camila cabello they threw a video musical for their collaboration “Ambulancia” on Tuesday (January 24).

Directed by Camilo’s wife, the singer and actress Evaluna Montanerthe VHS-era inspired clip finds Camilo and Camila riding on the roof of an ambulance, where they sit on a mattress covered in sunflowers.

In the background, a green screen displays mind-blowing images such as the starry galaxy, a busy highway, and crashing ocean waves to name a few.

The clip comes more than four months after the single’s release on September 6, as part of the album. From inside to outside de Camilo, who debuted at number 8 on the list Latin Pop Albums dated September 17.

I love the song so much,” Cabello told Camilo during an Instagram live chat Tuesday afternoon. “I’ve always wanted to do a song with you.

Being on set with you, Evaluna and Indi (the couple’s baby), and then performing it live together in Los Angeles, was a dream come true for me.”

The Colombian artist agreed: “I wanted to thank you for opening the door of your heart to make music together and also your fans for allowing me to be part of your playlist.”

“Ambulancia” is a flirtatious slow-tempo bachata that tells the story of a connection that cannot be explained, one of those that are pure magic and magnetism.

In addition, it perfectly combines Camilo’s melodic voice with Camila’s rough voice. “I had turned off my heart/ But when he saw you alone he decided to turn on,” she sings in a verse.

Camilo and Evaluna have a very special love story The singer couple married on February 20, 2020 after five years of dating.

Camilo and Evaluna are one of the most established couples in entertainment and social networks.

Both usually share funny and tender photos in which their love is evident.

And it is that his story arouses sighs among his followers because it is full of sweet moments.

The couple met in 2014 when they attended the launch of a children’s shampoo in Colombia.

Both were presenters for the event and continued to speak via Twitter.

Both Camilo and Evaluna had partners and although there was chemistry, nothing else happened at that moment. A year later, Evaluna contacted Camilo, the artist wrote to him on Twitter. The singer replied that he had actually been thinking about her a lot.

Evaluna then took the first step and asked for her WhatsApp number. By then both were already single, but the distance separated them.

The Colombian lived in Bogotá and the Venezuelan had settled in Miami with her family. However, according to her YouTube video of her, titled “How We Met,” they talked all day about what they were doing and constantly sent photos to each other.

After a while, the conversations turned into video calls. From then on, they saw each other through that medium daily and made plans together like watching movies.

For a year, that was the relationship the couple had until Evaluna went to Colombia and told her to go to the movies together.

Camilo went to meet her at the airport and says that he was quite nervous.

Although I felt like I had known her all my life, it was the first time they were going to share time in person.

Later, in a meeting with friends, one of them asked them what they were. That same night Camilo asked Evaluna if she wanted to be his girlfriend.

Later, Camilo moved to Miami and they continued their courtship. It was in 2018 when the singer decided to ask the artist to marry him with a romantic proposal.

The two families were hiding in a movie theater and through a short film Camilo asked him the question. There was crying, laughter and a lot of emotion.

After five years of relationship and the romantic proposal, the couple married on February 20, 2020.

In Miami and in front of 350 guests, they both said yes and became husband and wife. The singer Ricardo Montaner was in charge of taking the bride to the altar.

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