With Instant Family Mark Wahlberg reminds us that it’s not (only) all muscle


Mark Wahlberg likes him both as a macho and as a tender family man. On the one hand he interpreted Max Payne, Deepwater, Transformers, Red Zone – 22 miles of fire And The Departed, on the other the two chapters of Ted And Daddy’s Home to which it is added now Instant Family (in theaters from March 21), a comedy by Sean Anders (Daddy’s Home) who tackles the theme of adoption with irony.

Pete (Walberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) are a couple who would like to have a family and are satisfied with the entry into their life of three very lively children.

It all started with comedy

Mark Wahlberg kicks off his second career – after briefly being rapper and underwear model Clavin Klein alongside Kate Moss – in 1994 with the funny Half a professor among the mariness, played by Danny De Vito, but it is Boogie Nights by Paul Thomas Anderson to give him notoriety. They follow Three King alongside George Clooney, the remakes of Planets of by Apes e Italian Jobs And The Departed by Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon thanks to which he obtained the Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Too bad he refused the ne part Brokeback Mountain Secrets.

Who doesn’t like Mark Wahlberg?

The former hip hop model and rising star (with stage name Marky Mark) pleases the male audience for rough roles, but also very much to women who appreciate his looks – MTV in 2009 puts him at the top of the chart of the sexiest people of the 90s – as much as her brightest roles.
In 2017, however, it reaches the top of another ranking: that of the highest paid actors in the world.
As a teenage thug (he was also in prison at 16) Mark conquers Hollywood and perfectly embodies the American dream.


Wahlberg continues his ride. Interpret Owners of the night alongside Joaquin Phoenix, Max Payne, The Fighter (second Oscar nomination), two Transformers, Lone Survivor and funny Ted, The backup cops And Daddy’s Home where he finds his friend Will Ferrell. Alpha, but also tender.

Mark Wahlberg in Instant Family

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