‘With Megan (Fox) it’s a terrible situation’

The relationship between Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly is now in the public domain. Not only have there been sightings and paparazzi: the two have also begun to show themselves on social networks.

In recent days, the rapper has posted a photo of them together, commenting: “I’ve waited forever to find you.” Now, to speak on the affair is Brian Austin Green (PHOTO).

Brian Austin Green, the words on Megan Fox


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green announce divorce

During an interview with “Hollywood Raw Podcast”, Brian Austin Green made it known what his opinion is on Megan Fox (and Machine Gun Kelly). First of all, he explained how he became aware of that flirtation that has now become a serious relationship: “I found out for myself, and that’s all I’m going to tell you. It is not true that I discovered it on social media, or by reading some magazines “.

“I wish Megan all the best. I want him to be happy, for her and for our children. Nobody wants to be next to someone who is not happy. It’s a terrible situation, it all happened at an unfortunate and unpredictable time with the quarantine, the virus and everything in between. The news cycle that has developed is a bit bigger than what we were prepared to face, ”the actor said.

Finally, Brian Austin Green talked about how he and his ex-wife are managing their children. “I think it’s going pretty well on that front. There are no written rules, there is no right and wrong way of parenting. We are learning along the way: the important thing for us is continue to communicate as much as possible. We know that the situation we are experiencing will affect children, but it is up to us, and parents in general, to manage the impact on their lives. It is up to us, whether the separation will be bad for them or whether it will be okay, if they will be able to feel equally loved and safe. Megan and I we respect each other and we love each otherand: simply, things are different between us. Not worse, just different “.

Brian Austin Green defends his relationships


Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox formalize the relationship on Instagram

Not only did he talk about his ex-wife, Brian Austin Green: he also talked about the women who is dating. “What normal people do when a relationship ends is hang out with new people. They talk to other people, maybe they use dating apps, they spend time with people they feel a connection with. “

The actor therefore defended himself from the press, which approaches him to a new woman (almost) every day: “I am not playing with anyone, my life is simply in the spotlight. Even if I talk to several women, if I go out together, that doesn’t make me a bad person. I am meeting new people, gaining experiences. You have to be willing to go out and get back in the game. But I am constantly being judged for this, and I believe it is unfair ”.

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