With this rechargeable spotlight you can illuminate any place in your home (without the need for a plug)

These magical light bulbs are on sale.  (Photo: Getty)

The magical bulb that does not need to be connected to electricity all the time. (Photo: Getty)

When we rent, we usually have to make some compromises. Unfortunately, most refer to lighting and sockets. Some houses do not have ceiling lights and others only have a couple of plugs, often placed in inaccessible and impractical places.

However, the locations of the plugs should not be an impediment to distribute your house as you like, especially in terms of lighting. Thousands of renters have found a way to place floor lamps and wall sconces in areas without plugs thanks to rechargeable LED spotlights.

Rechargeable spotlights in promotion.  (Credit: Amazon)

Rechargeable spotlights on promotion. (Credit: Amazon)

US$29 has a 5% coupon at Amazon

Available on Amazon, these spotlights instantly expand the universe of possibilities for a space. They are low consumption and allow you to use the lamps without the need for cables. For added convenience, they even have a remote control that will allow you to remotely adjust the brightness and warmth levels whenever you want.

These rechargeable spotlights are the equivalent of a strong 60-watt bulb, so they emit a broad spectrum of light, from bright bright to warm, dim ambient lighting.

Each bulb has three brightness levels and lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge, keeping it constantly on. You can use it as a light source on the ceiling, in your floor lamps, wall sconces, table or night lamps and much more, the possibilities are endless.

TikTok user @lizlovery showed how she uses BSOD rechargeable LED spotlights in a wall sconce, an ideal solution for tenants.

“Their design allows them to be screwed into any traditional light socket and they work like a normal spotlight,” he said in the TikTok video. “The only difference is that they don’t have to be plugged in or connected via a cable.”

While showing how he used the rechargeable spotlight, he pointed out that in addition to the remote control, “the light can also be manually dimmed with a small button on the side.”

When you need to recharge the bulb, just screw it into a working socket and when it’s finished charging, the indicator light will change from red to green.

Grab this Amazon best-selling rechargeable spotlight right now while it’s on sale!

US$29 has a 5% coupon at Amazon

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