With WhatsApp you can see where your contact is

There are many, indeed many things that we can do through WhatsApp: the messaging platform in fact does not only allow us to speak in text, but as you know it makes us exchange photos, make video calls and even allows us to find the car if we have lost it in a parking lot!

Now let’s add another piece to the list of the many possibilities we have using WhatsApp: through an app available on all the stores we can also geographically locate one of our contacts.

Obviously this must take place with the consent of the contact himself: the app generates a link on which the person in question has to click to consent to the tracking of your IP address. At that point the app (but there are several that do the same thing) is able to establish its position, with a good approximation.

This can be useful to report to friends and relatives where we are, more or less: it does not have GPS accuracy, but it can give a rough idea of ​​where we are. It can be useful for anxious mothers or fathers or jealous partners *: the important thing is that, as we said above, it is done in the light of the sun and informing the recipient of what is happening.

As most computer savvy people know, this location of the IP of our device is also done by many websites: if you want to prevent it, the only way is to navigate with one VPN, Virtual Private Network or virtual private network, a service that protects your internet connection and online privacy. It is a service offered by many companies for which you usually pay a small monthly or annual fee.

To protect your privacy effectively, in any case, the first step is to know in depth the privacy settings that are offered to us by the individual platforms or devices we use: in many cases we can simply disable the location or prevent sites from tracking us. and share information.

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