With which of all her children did Lady Di get along better

about if Lady Di had a preference for one of his children there is not much that can be said. The truth is that the Princess of Wales loved William Already Harry alike and who tried very hard to give them a childhood full of love. On this occasion, we share some details of the relationship between mother and children and we remember some of the statements they made about Diana.

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Diana, the ideal mother for William and Harry

Beyond the specifics of the numerous controversies that took place between Lady Di and the British royal familythe highlight of all is that there were considerable differences between the two parties in terms of personality and way of being.

In other words, Diana Spencer She was always a “stranger” in British royalty because she was a sensitive and emotional woman, and she did not feel comfortable with the extreme seriousness and solemnity that characterizes the family that has Elizabeth II as its maximum exponent.

From the moment she became a mother, Diana She was very clear that she wanted to give her children an education full of love, affection, presence and demonstrations of affection.

Ultimately, the Princess of Wales gave William and Harry something she never had: a happy childhood. Far from the protocols, Diana insisted on letting her children know that they were privileged and that the world was very different outside the bosom of royalty.

Pending at all times of her children, it is said that she was in all the details related to their training and that she was even in charge of choosing the names of both.

It is also known that Diana He wanted his children to grow up as “normal” children, enjoying the things typical of this age and as detached as possible from royal investiture.

Beyond the fact that it is a historical fiction film, all this is clearly seen in Spencer, the film by Pablo LarraĆ­n that has Kristen Stewart in the role of Lady Di.

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